Summer in Saskatchewan

Sherwood Golf Course – 2019

Today is the first day of summer 2020! With our less than hospitable winters, I live for spring and summer. The shining sun, the singing birds, the warm summer breeze… Life is good! Actually as much as life is always good, we have barely seen the sun for days, the birds are too cold to sing and that breeze is 50 to 70 km gusts of northern gale force winds. What’s a Canadian girl to do?

Turning up the fireplace helps – obviously not real but it does have a good electric heater.
Enjoy a hot cup of tea – I love my tea diffuser from Dan & Amanda. And my cup from Kori 💖
Have a hearty breakfast. Yes we have real dishes – no I do not use them🤦
Do some baking. These were pretty good but I am leaning toward’s chocolate chip today.
If all else fails, put on your fur coat, wrap yourself in a pillow and call it a day.

Enjoy the first day of summer 2020 everybody! 💐


6 thoughts on “Summer in Saskatchewan

  1. I have been to Finland, where in winter temperatures drop to -30, -40 Celsius degrees and my Finnish friends actually look forward to winter to carve out a hole in a frozen lake and swim.
    There are those who manage to find creative ways to enjoy terribile winters.
    I probably couldn’t do that and I definitely prefer summers to winters but that kind of attitude teaches me that we need to learn to be comfortable with the summers as well as the winters of life.
    Anyway, enjoy your Saskatchewan summer


  2. That breakfast would make me very happy in cold weather! I live in the upper Midwest US and I have a faux fireplace like you…
    I look forward to the end of COVID so we can travel to Canada again. We drove to Toronto last summer and I want to see more.

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