The Power of Peace

When I retired earlier this year I had plans for a grand and productive summer.   My ‘to do’ list was impressive, to say the least.   I also had high hopes that this would be my year for resolving major personal issues – health, family, finances. 

Summer is coming to a close and my ‘to do’ list is more of a ‘didn’t get done’ list.  My issues are still there – health, family, finances.  My life is not perfect.

But… here is the thing.   I have been having a great summer.  After decades of stress and anxiety, I have actually experienced moments of profound peace.    I have felt totally fearless – in sync with nature and the universe.  This is the most amazing and powerful  feeling and it is becoming less random and fleeting.  My life may not be perfect but it is improving and I am better equipped to deal with any challenges that I am faced with.

I have always enjoyed walking but it is something that I have not done enough of for the past several years. This summer I walked and I walked and I walked. It started off as a means to cope with health issues I was having. Following a bout of pneumonia, I could not seem to recover. I struggled to breathe and my heart would race after the slightest exertion. With respiratory specialists and therapists closed down to prevent the spread of Covid 19, I was left to my own devices. My device of choice was walking. At first, I could barely make it to the end of our block and back. Now I head out before the heat of the day and I walk for miles.

As I walk, I allow my mind to wander wherever it chooses to roam. Whatever chaos my mind decides to pursue mellows as I walk off the miles. Personal problems come into perspective. Global issues fade. There is always a turning point where instead of feeling attacked by fearful thoughts, I feel empowered. I take control and I choose. My choice is always peace.

There is so much anger and fear and hate in this world. I choose to not contribute to it. When my mind pursues anxious thoughts, I focus on peace and love. When I worry about my health, I remind myself that stress will not help my body to recover. Walking will, so I walk. When I get frustrated or concerned about my family, I wrap them in thoughts and feelings of peace and love. When I worry about our finances, I realize how fortunate we are – and I choose to be grateful for all that we have.

When my mind starts rehashing the news of the day or the reactions on social media, I refuse to dwell on these thoughts or add to the noise. I focus on peace and I move on, considering how and why I feel the way I do. I have learned a lot about myself during my walks and have become more focused on my own thoughts and beliefs. It is no longer a matter of fighting the belief of others. It is about my beliefs ringing true. If, or when, I share my thoughts and beliefs, I am no longer seeking validation or holding a do or die attitude about them. They work for me.

Despite my lack of accomplishments this summer, I feel good about how I have used these pasts months. I feel that I have evolved into a stronger, better person. Hopefully, I will knock a few projects off of my ‘still to get done’ list in the coming months. Hopefully my life will continue to improve and my issues will gradually resolve themselves. Either way, I will continue to move forward – one step at a time.

Take care out there💞


34 thoughts on “The Power of Peace

  1. I love this – so hopeful and positive, which is what we all need a whole lot more of! I was back at work until shoulder pain forced me to see my family doctor. Now I am off work and have to go on short term disability. It is easy to panic, to let fear have sway. That would have been my reaction in years gone by. Not today. If Covid has taught us anything it is that life is fragile and we should appreciate every second. I intend to do just that. Great post, Annmarie.

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  2. This is a great post about the benefits of walking! I love to walk, too; although, right now, like you, I do have to get outside before the heat of the day arrives. I am glad it has helped you so much! Have a nice walk tomorrow!

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  3. Jackie Joyner Kersey was an Olympic Athlete. She did track&field including the 7in 1 event. She won medals. She is asmatic. She shows exersize strengtens the lungs. You proved it too. Congratulations

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  4. When I first started walking, we saw a guy on the news with COPD. He was working out hard to strengthen his lungs. It was working for him so I figured if I pushed myself to the limit every day it could help. It’s good to hear stories of how effective it can be! Don’t think I will ever make the Olympics tho🙄


  5. 😂When I was thinner(20s) I would be broke. So to get to work I’d walk 5 miles. Best time 1 hr&15 min. Now with weight gain I’m working to get back there…and leave some pounds behind!

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  6. I could stand to lose thirty pounds. I haven’t so far but I am definitely getting firmer. Especially my feet! I grabbed a pair of dress sandals to wear on Sunday and they were falling off my feet. Wierd.

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  7. This is a delightful post! May I reblog it on Snowbird of Paradise?

    Regarding the To Do list, a simple shrug is enough to put it in its place. Now that you are retired, you have lots of time to get to all those things. The trick is to keep the list under ten items and to be dramatic when crossing items off it.

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  8. I think it may be a problem with the new WordPress editor, but neither the ReBlog nor the PressThis button is working properly. Reblog doesn’t work at all and PressThis only produces the headline.

    Or, it could be that I am doing something wrong.

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  9. I was so scared of retirement, but it has turned out to be wonderful. I don’t walk a lot like you, but I spend time mulling things over, thinking, reading, talking to friends, remembering the past, and understanding it better. Opportunities arise and I learn to enjoy them. My next door neighbor, who is from Colombia, wants to teach me Spanish. I took it for 2 years in high school and actually taught it for a year when I was about 27. Talking to her, it starts coming back. I don’t ask what the purpose of this is, I just do it because it’s kind of fun. When fate gives you an opportunity – just take it.

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  10. I am always glad to hear people are enjoying their retirement! I would like to start reading more but so far I haven’t gotten far with that. My first objective had to get my health in order. Have a great evening!


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