Windy Wednesday

It’s a chilly day in paradise today.

Kat and I took our usual walk this morning.  The cold wind was doing a good job of blowing the leaves off of the trees.
Dominic arrived to spend a few hours with Kat and I.    After lunch, we will venture out to the playhouse for some Play-Doh creativity.
I will try to finish my latest read later this afternoon.  This is a great book.  I just finished a chapter on the importance of walking for one’s mental and emotional health.   I could not agree more.

Time to put together some lunch for Dom.  I made an Apple Crisp yesterday, so at least desert is ready.

Dan was serving desert last night 🙄. I swear I peeled lots of apples for this. Either they really cooked down or I tossed Kat way more slices than I thought I had. 🤦

Keep safe – and warm!


9 thoughts on “Windy Wednesday

  1. I agree 100% on the positive aspects in my life when I walk every morning. I’m 13 days away from meeting my next goal which is walking at least 9,000 steps 90 days in a row. Your apple crisp looks delicious and reminds me I’ve not made any yet this fall. A huge mistake on my part. By the way, Dom is adorable…

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  2. Thank you! The apple crisp tasted fine – just a little too much crisp to Apple. Good going on the walking. I am hoping I will be able to keep it up this winter but our streets and sidewalks get treacherous once the snow and ice hit. We think Dom is adorable as well – in fact we think all nine of our grandchildren are adorable, brilliant and charming. We may be a bit biased.


  3. It depends on the year and where in Canada. Saskatchewan can be one area that gets hit the worst – especially for the cold. I think Quebec and the Maritimes get more snow and ice – typically.

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  4. Even within Saskatchewan our weather varies quite a bit. The south is usually warmer but terrible winds and more violent storms – summer and winter. Even the southwest is typically a lot warmer than the southeast. We, of course, are more south east.

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