This Week in the Weather

We seem to be on the fast track to some seasonal changes in our weather this week.

We started off with a couple of warm, sunny days.
Yesterday, Dom and I spent a while at a neighbourhood kiddie park. It seemed a bit chilly but Dom had a great time on the equipment and even took off his shoes and socks to play in the sand.

Today it is supposed to be 21 above Celsius. It seems rather cloudy but their are periods of sunshine. There is also wind! 54km to 74km winds. Kat and I have not ventured out for our walk. I am a bit concerned that one or both of us might get blown away (or blown over).

The exciting part is that starting tomorrow the mercury is supposed to drop out of the thermometer and by Sunday we should have one to two FEET of snow. With strong winds, they are also warning of white-out conditions across southern Saskatchewan.

Whoo Hoo!

To be honest, I have really been looking forward to snow this year. I will not have to go out and drive through it, in pitch dark, on my way to work. The fresh new snow will cover up the endless greige of autumn in Saskatchewan. Plus, and this is a big plus, I will be home so will have a chance to shovel it before Dan gets to it! I just hope I will be able to. Being out in the cold is hard on my lungs at the best of time and these last few weeks haven’t been the best of times, where my lungs are concerned. I can only take it slow and hope for the best. β›„

Hope your weather is good and your spirits are high!


9 thoughts on “This Week in the Weather

  1. I saw on tv some people used their snow shovel to push snow out of the way rather than shovel. Me? I never shoveled snow. From California. Other snowy places I lived we trampled snow. Slid on ice when son was a newborn!

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  2. Yay, the almighty shovel!πŸ˜‚ Our houses are so close together here that if we get dumped on, I have to pack snow up my driveway to a ‘bigger’ area of my tiny front lawn. I wish I could say that I’m graceful and elegant when I slip lol! I feel I should wear a helmet 🀣. Stay warm and safe!

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  3. Lol! Well I hope you’re much more elegant than I! I’m horrible on the ice in boots πŸ˜‚, skates are the complete opposite. Clem has already taken quite a fall this year (shoulder of all places to land on) and I expect a few more. It’s funny that I usually get up to see who has witnessed my folly without concern of injury first lol! 😳

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