Taking Care of Kat

Like most people, we are responsible pet owners, so today we made that painful trip to our veterinarian.

To be clear, Kat is fine – for the most part.  She had her annual check-up, received her rabies shot, got a deworming pill, renewed her city dog license and got a bottle of Aventi Omega  3 oil (which is amazing stuff for keeping her nose and paws soft and healthy).   

Then the painful part of the visit kicked in with a $220.00 bill. 

I do not really believe the bill was unreasonable, all things considered.  Most everything Kat received is good for at least a year – the Aventi only five months – but well worth the price. And of course, as clients, we have to pay our share of office and administration costs.

The painful part kicked in with an estimate we received for getting Kat’s teeth cleaned (under anesthesia) – which was recommended. All the bells and whistles included, we are looking at twelve to fourteen hundred dollars.

Yikes! Sadly this is far from the first surgery we have sprung for over the years and chances are it will not be the last. But YIKES!

Pets are such an important part of life (at least in North America). They bring love, companionship, security and joy to our lives. It is unconscionable that anyone would have a pet and not provide proper healthcare but how do most people afford it?

Kat & Friends Bacardi and Cornelius
Kat and our very special Casey (who was the most caring and empathetic dog 💗).


8 thoughts on “Taking Care of Kat

  1. When I grew up such expensive treatments were not even known of. Now animals have treatments that humans get paid with insurance or government. Most of us don’t have insurance on our pets even though it is available. With two dogs it is just too expensive but we can feel guilty when we can’t afford to have some things done. I haven’t figured out what to do and just hope we don’t face that kind of choice. One of my bassets had the teeth cleaning so I know what you are going through.

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