Our reality today remains to be one of ice and snow and freezing temperatures.  We are supposed to reach a mighty minus 18 Celcius today – an improvement, but still frigid for sure!

Fortunately, I am retired!  I can stay indoors, work out with my husband, and anticipate the coming of spring.  I even started seeding bedding plants this week. 💐🍅🥗

I started tomatoes, peppers and flowers!
Dan helped me 🤔

It is a waste of life to spend time worrying about the future and what it may bring, but in the frozen north  anticipating spring and preparing for its arrival is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Keep safe & stay warm 🌤️


28 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. They are having a horrid time in Texas and other southern states right now. They have gotten feet of snow, they have no equipment or training to deal with it, they have heating and power and water outages. It is just horrid for them.

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  2. I am right along with you looking forward to spring. We have more snow than we have ever had in our area and issues that have come up because of all the snow…but still much to be grateful for. Hoping you will keep posting the progress of your seeds and plants.

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