I take pride in being capable of handling difficult situations in a calm and reasonable manner. Grace under pressure🙏 That is me – in a medical emergency, a project crisis, or a natural disaster. I suck it up and do what must be done. 👍

What I can take no pride in, is my absolute fail in the face of life’s ‘little’ snafus.

Struggling to tear off a section of plastic wrap, parchment paper, toilet paper – I come unhinged. Sticky tape and velcro are my nemesis. I hate paper cuts!!! I once got a staple stuck in the end of my finger and practically beat my boss with a phonebook because he was laughing too hard to pull it out. Rediculous of course, I know, but that is how I roll.

So here is the thing… In 2012 I was in hospital for a month with pneumonia and empyema. I was sent home none the worse for wear (I returned to work the day after I was released). Except for one thing. Since my time in hospital, my sinuses have been pooched. My nose has been plugged for nine years. 😢

This year, I have had one thing after another go wrong with my lungs – which aggravates my sinuses. Yay! I have used a neti pot, a steamer, and my specialist put me on a long-term steroid nasal spray. That helped for a couple of weeks before making matters worse.

For the past few weeks, my sinuses seem to deflate every time I close my mouth – which causes an immediate airlock in my head. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep, I exercise every day – it is more of a workout to breathe than it is to actually work out, and I cannot concentrate on anything except for the fact that I cannot breathe. I struggle to meditate. Virtually every meditation starts with “relax and breathe naturally”. Pffffttt! Like that is going to happen!

I decided to stop using the nasal spray but my husband thought I should run it by my doctor first. I called – he is on holidays for the next two weeks. I called my specialist’s office. His reception promised to run it past him and get back to me. (Still waiting…..) So… I tossed the spray. Things are quite a bit better, but – my sinuses are still stuffy to an annoying degree.

Thank you for reading through my rant and whine. All sympathy gratefully accepted. 😊


Have a great day! 💞


11 thoughts on “Annoyed!

  1. It’s funny when we don’t feel well how little annoyances blow up. I’ve never been very patient with an odd phenomenon I call, ‘hatred of inanimate objects.’ Drop a crumb on the floor, pick it up, only my hand doesn’t seem to work and I drop it again. Frustrates the heck out of me. This is exacerbated by the almost constant pain in my left leg. Little things that shouldn’t bother me, really do. Hope you feel better Anne Marie. Can’t think of much worse thing than not being able to breathe easy…

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  2. You remind me of my son Danny when he was a few months old. He found a salted peanuts on the floor and was determined to pick it up. He worked so hard and finally got it – and then I had to take it away because he was too little to eat peanuts. Thank you! I hope so too!

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  3. Lol! You had me at plastic wrap! I swear the manufacturers have cameras hidden in the box and they take great pleasure in watching people struggle with that stuff! 🤣 That’s one area of my life that’s a complete train wreck lol….I call it Satan wrap! Ugh….just thinking about it makes me feel bad! 🤣 Oooh…and the cutting edge thingee never cuts the plastic but it certainly cuts through my skin 😡…ok, I gotta stop ranting now lol!

    I can certainly relate when feeling off. It just gets overwhelmingly frustrating in a very short amount of time and it’s maddening. Struggling with sinuses and not being able to breathe is definitely worthy of much sympathy in my books. I hope you are able to breathe without difficulty and get feeling well again soon. Sending healthy and happy vibes your way! 🦋😊

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  4. Thank you! I love the butterfly💗. I have always hated plastic wrap but have no idea what the deal is with parchment paper these days. I was lining some cookie trays for Danny last time we went up to their place and he grabbed a butcher knife and attacked it. He is a good six foot two and super fit💪 and he can’t tear that shit on the box cutting edge. 😳


  5. 😊 I really do hope you feel well soon…feeling like 💩 is the absolute worst.

    Oh! You guys are my kind of people! Parchment paper is great so you don’t have to wash cookie sheets but yes… the hell do you get that shit to work properly!? 🤣 All it ever does is continue to pull off in 6 foot long chunks with multiple long tears. I’m going to try the butcher knife technique…if he has a specific tutorial that he’s learned from I’m all ears! I’m nowhere near his size so wish me luck! 🤣

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