March On!

We have moved into March and life gets better every day!

Sunshine and warmer temps!

Dan and I are starting a new month of workouts. I lost a grand total of 1 1/2 pounds in February.

This month we are going to get seriously focussed on our eating habits.

No more brownies with cream cheese icing😢

My little seedlings are breaking ground. I can hardly wait until I can get them out in our garden. 🌱

Have a great month! & Stay safe💞


17 thoughts on “March On!

  1. Love to hear how you enjoy the simple things in life AND that you are looking at healthy eating and exercise! way to go!

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  2. Such a wonderful positive post! Retirement sounds wonderful, but I have to wait some years before I can retire!! Keep on going, can’t believe it’s March! ❤️

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  3. I’d love to take a plunge. Winters in Rome are way too mild. On the coldest day we had this year the temperature was around -3 Celsius. We’ve got 2000-3000 mt high mountains not too far but because of Covid restrictions getting there is complicated

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  4. Getting here is complicated by Covid as well! The federal government is getting rid of our air traffic controllers so even if we could fly it would probably be dicey. Depending on where we would be flying to, we would probably drive to a bigger airport where they still have controllers.

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