Another Week of Retirement

It is no secret that I am enjoying retirement. There is much to enjoy! Even the downsides of life are less down than before retirement – like health issues. It sucks to be sickly but it doesn’t suck as much as being sickly at work, or taking time off work to be sickly, knowing that work is piling up on my desk. Being financially challenged sucks, but it sucks a lot less than when you are working your butt off five days a week to cover working expenses. Miserable weather is still miserable, but hardly noticeable when you have the luxury of seeing it through a window!

This week I had the pleasure of dealing with one of life’s downsides. I got to do our taxes. Yay!!! Six hours of searching for documents, replacing printer cartridges, filling the paper tray on the printer, deciphering government directions, data entry, checking, rebooting the computer, correcting, and rechecking! Arghh! Bottomline? Thanks to ‘senior credits’ and ‘pension sharing rules’, we both got nice tax refunds at the end of the day. ☺️

Having completed our taxes, it is back to retirement – taking a relaxing bath at 10 am, working out with my husband at 2 pm, hanging out with my little dog all day long, and working on my crocheted blanket while Dan watches tv. Life is good. 🌞

Have a good week and enjoy my favourite tune of the day. πŸ’ž


19 thoughts on “Another Week of Retirement

  1. I love the colors on your blanket!
    I did our taxes a few weeks ago. Got 157.😁Turns out the stimulus checks were taxable! Oh well.

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  2. Love the blanket! I need to dig out some of my half finished crochet stuff….should’ve done that during the cold snap we just survived lol but any time of the year is good.😊

    Congratulations on surviving tax season! They should send you a t-shirt at the very least that says so πŸ˜‚.

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  3. They are sending me enough to buy a few cases of t-shirts. πŸ˜‰. Gotta love carbon tax rebates and senior perks. ☺️. Thank you! This is actually a new blanket I am working on. I have one that I started knitting when my kids were tots forty years ago. πŸ™„. I should refocus on that one day.


  4. LOL! I’m always happy to hear someone getting something back at tax time πŸ˜‚.

    I have far too many of those kicking around….UFOs or unfinished objects πŸ˜‚ and I am picking away at the pile because they haunt me. Your new one looks so soft and inviting and I hope you post a photo once it’s complete! It’s beautiful!

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  5. Post a photo? By the time I am done, I will be able to flash a hologram of it off to you. 😐.
    And yea, nice to get some of our money back. I have always been grateful that we could earn enough to contribute to the greater good, but damn – the way we have contributed in recent years, the greater good should really be much greater. πŸ€”


  6. LOL! You finish things as quickly as I do 🀣! Love it!

    I completely agree with you. Always happy to help others any chance we get on top of it all, and often when we aren’t always able or should during slimmer times, but it seems that no matter what, things are indeed getting crappier….sad πŸ˜”.

    Once Caelan completed treatment and we had the opportunity to give back in a way we never thought we’d be able to, we had an eye opening experience. I know many would be upset if they knew what we’d discovered…although I’m certain many have an idea already. Very sad. Take that cash and enjoy it! You’ve more than earned it! 😊

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  7. Yea, I doubt if there would be too many surprises there. 😒. Dan’s using his share for his summer golf trip. Mine will go to something special like Kat’s upcoming dental cleaning. πŸ˜‚

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  8. Yeah, it’s beyond unfortunate πŸ™. Unreal actually.

    Awwww that sucks but I’d be the same. Well lucky Dan and lucky Kat! 🀣 I suppose fresh smelling puppy kisses are gift enough 😊.

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