Beefs & Bouquets

I have to start with my bouquet because this is just too good. Big bouquet going to my hubby! We had our once a week day off from working out yesterday. (Six weeks and counting!) Dan helped me make supper to celebrate. I made the salad and pasta. Dan cooked the shrimp and it was amazing!!! He even opened a bottle of Pinot Noir to go with it despite having an open bottle of Merlot in the cupboard. 🥳

Now for the beef! Actually, it is my own fault so I shouldn’t beef about it but here goes. 😒 I have a BAD habit – and it is driving me nuts.

Every morning I get up and read the local paper online while I have my coffee. It is not the news that makes me nuts. For the most part our news is more non-news than anything. There are great things that happen here. There are terrible things that happen here. Our media reports the news that doesn’t happen here. On tv they report the news that doesn’t happen at 5 pm and then repeat it at 6pm. (IE They air an interview with a golfer who did not get hit by lightning at 5 – and then they repeat it at 6. If said golfer is super excited about not getting hit by lightning they will repeat the interview twice a day for two or three days in a row). 🤦

The bulk of our newspaper focusses on sports (which I don’t read), obituaries (which I do read. So far they haven’t mentioned me 👍), advertisements and politics. I scan the politics. I can deal with the political ‘news’.

What I cannot handle, and can’t seem to stop myself from doing, is reading the reader comments. The majority of the comments are posted by the MOB club. (miserable old bastards). OMG!!! Same thing, day in and day out. These pathetic old souls are so hard done by! They can’t even agree with themselves from one day to the next but God forbid if anyone disagrees with them!

I need to stop reading these stupid comments. They are not a positive start to my day. I could care less what these miserable, self-centred, arrogant, bullies think. But I cannot help myself. Good grief, I am starting to sound as pathetic as they are. 😟.

Keep safe and have a great weekend! 💐


16 thoughts on “Beefs & Bouquets

  1. Hahaha, why do we do things like that too ourselves. I have to laugh because you know you need to stop reading the Debbie downers…. You will eventually, and you’ll feel so much better once you stop!! Good look luck, and dinner looks DELICIOUS! ❤️

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  2. Yahoo commenters were like that too. They do have a certain allure. If you wanted to make a comment however, you needed a thick skin, and it didn’t matter how innocuous your comment was.

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  3. We have the same mobs here too. I quit the news all together until Mr. starting watching tv all day. At least my daffodils are starting to come up.

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  4. Some are smaller. Some I forgot to plant till just before the snow(they were in the fridge).Bulbs are hardy to cold. Dont know if the tulips will be back. Think they need to be dug up every year. But the bushes in front of my house took a beaten. They look shrivled&dry. May try korean box wood there.

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