Day 6 Into the Wilderness

Being such a nature loving sort, many would think that I would be the regular camper type. They would be wrong. My camping trips have been few and far between. Regardless, I did enjoy the camping trips I have been on, so I decided that they would make a good subject for Day 6 of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive‘ challenge.

The first time I can remember camping was when my kids were quite young – early elementary school age. We were living up north and we joined my sister Lorraine and her family at a cabin by a lake. I really do not remember much about that occasion except being darn cold. I am sure we had a good time, but it was a darn cold good time!

My next camping trip involved taking my Mother and my three teenagers to the Four Season Resort at Cypress Hills for a full week. I had been on my own with the kids for a year. I had scrimped, scraped, and saved every cent that I could to ensure we had the best vacation ever! It was STELLAR. And it was camping! Even if some people think that renting a condo by a lake with indoor plumbing, a television, and a microwave (plus all the other conveniences of home) isn’t real camping. We did have a wood fireplace and one of those manual barbecues that burns charcoal. Since none of us were experienced fire starters, we used up every scrap of paper we had and a gallon jug of fire starter – but we had fires – BIG ONES once they got going!

I rented a canoe for the boys and got Mom, Jen, and I a little paddle boat to pedal around the lake on. Son Dan, Jen and I went horseback riding. Dan & Jen went back but, since I was black and blue, from my waist to me knees from our first day out, I took a hard pass. We all went mini-golfing and son Dan and I played a round at the real golf course early one morning. The golf cart ended up in a gully. I was not driving. There was even a sign that said “Do Not Drive Golf Cart Into the Gully”!

We all passed a lot of time hiking around the area. Mom and I lounged on the condo deck overlooking the lake, while the kids spent time off on their own. We barbecued most of the time – although we did have a couple of meals at the restaurant in the resort hotel. In the evenings we would light a fire in the fireplace and hang out in the livingroom of our condo. One night there was a huge thunder storm with heavy rains and strong winds. Our power went out, so we built up the fire to provide light since nobody thought to bring candles. (although Mom did have an extra roll of aluminum foil in her purse 😂 ) We had a very big fire that night. The condo was still lit up the next morning. 🤦‍♀️

Although we had a great time and I was so proud of taking my family camping, life got busy and we did not have the opportunity for another such family adventure. However, when Dan and I got together and started planning our wedding, he decided to take me wilderness camping for our honeymoon – to show me how it is supposed to be done.

We went to a secluded, lakefront area on Lake Diefenbaker. When we got there, the mosquitos were so big and thick and angry at our intrusion that they were rocking Dan’s little Jeep. He left me cowering in the vehicle while he set out mosquito repellant torches and set up our sleeping tent, a net dining tent, and rustic wilderness washroom facilities. The next day, he put his little motor boat in the lake. We were comfortable, we were alone, and the scenery was breathtaking. We had an amazing time. Dan took me out fishing. I didn’t catch anything except Dan’s hat and his fishing line. The week flew by. On the way home, we stopped at a small motel in Moose Jaw for a bath and a good air conditioned sleep in a real bed. It was heavenly! Especially the bathroom. It was pure white, bright, cool and sparkling clean. I could have slept in there.

Since our honeymoon, the only times we have been out camping have been to Loon Lake, to meet up with sister Lorraine and her husband Jerry at their camper. Their camper had all of the conveniences of home – except with a generator to run them. Theoretically, you could make toast and flush the toilet – but not simultaneously or you blew the generator. The area was gorgeous. Jerry brought up their four quads one weekend so they could take us for a full tour. I had never been quadding before. I hit a tree. Actually, I hit a rock on the trail, bounced into the ditch, and hit a tree. Fortunately, there was no damage done – except to my dignity. 🙄 We always have a great time visiting with Lorraine and Jerry so it was all good!

We haven’t been camping for a few years now, but I would not count it out in the future. Maybe when Dan retires. Maybe we could buy one of those luxury camper vans that you plug in. I could really enjoy that!

Six down, twenty-four days to go! Have a nice Sunday and I hope to see you tomorrow. ğŸ˜Ž


7 thoughts on “Day 6 Into the Wilderness

  1. I’m not much of a camper either. I love the outdoors but not enough to rough it and I’ve tried!! We think the same, I like a nice bed to sleep in and water, shower, all those things! Haha! Maybe a camper is the way to go camping or glamping!! Enjoyed your post! ❤️ ~ D

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