Day 7 – Go With The Flow

Day seven of my “Accentuate the Positive” June challenge.  It seems like a good day to share a few photos of Canadian waterscapes that Dan and I  have visited and enjoyed.   The beauty and tranquility never gets old. 💞

Paddle boats on Wascana Lake, Regina SK.
Heading to Granville Island from Vancouver, B.C. 
The view from our hotel room at Niagara Falls, Ontario
Dan kayaking at Burleigh Falls, Ontario with his sister’s chihuahua Luna.
I am not positive but I think this photo was taken at Souris, Manitoba. I love the sunlight on the river. 🌞
Burleigh Falls, Ontario
Saskatchewan Legislature Building across a corner of  Wascana Lake
Condie Nature Reserve  north of Regina, SK.

One week of my June challenge completed! I hope to see you tomorrow.

Have a nice day. 💞


6 thoughts on “Day 7 – Go With The Flow

  1. Thank you, Dwight! There is definitely beauty to be found in all of the provinces. The USA is not lacking in it either. I would love to see Utah. It looks really scenic in a different way.


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