August 23rd – Accomodations

While we were celebrating at son Dan’s this weekend, we arranged to stay at a Microtel by Wyndham hotel in the small city near their acreage.

I usually do fairly good at arranging for accomodations on our travels, and as usual I did not disappoint. πŸ‘

The hotel I chose has been recently renovated. Everything was new and fresh. With parking and a typical buffet breakfast included, our room was quite economical. This hotel allowed pets, so we were able to bring Kat along to enjoy our time away. They do charge an extra twenty dollars a night for dogs, but obviously so worth it.

There was only one downside to this hotel that had Dan and I a little concerned. It is situated on the eastern edge of the city. Son Dan lives a few miles west of the city. πŸ™„ However, we soon discovered that even that worked perfectly for us, as the entire west end of the city was tied up with road construction and there was a perfect and paved shortcut that ran from our hotel straight to son Dan’s acreage. It could not have been more convenient!

Large enough television and desk/counter area.
Comfortable sitting area with a convenient kitchenette.
Relaxing color scheme and decor.
The queen size bed was comfortable.
Kat even had her own built in bed. (She chose to sleep with us πŸ˜’)

The washroom was small, but adequate. I prefer to have a bathtub, but the shower was roomy and had a rain showerhead that even I found comfortable.

The room included all the extra touches like a blow-drier in the washroom and an ironing board and iron. It had wifi of course. The hotel amenities included a pool, hot tub, and exercise room that seemed quite well appointed. There was also the breakfast buffet area and a small bar that served appetizer type foods, plus barbecues and a patio area behind the hotel.

I would definitely recommend this chain to anyone looking to stay at a decent hotel. We enjoyed our stay. We were easily grateful for comfort and cleanliness of the place and the gracious and accommodating staff. πŸ€—

It is time to get a few things done around here now. We have more than a few tomatoes in our fridge to deal with and no doubt plenty more out in the garden to pick. Kat is also getting pretty low in cooked food so should get a batch whipped up for her.

Wishing all a nice day! Take care and I hope to see you tomorrow. πŸ’ž


19 thoughts on “August 23rd – Accomodations

  1. Thank you, John! I am almost always lucky at booking hotel rooms. I think the only time I hit a really bad one was in Vancouver, BC. It was stupid expensive, dirty, and just butt ugly. One window looked out over typical Walmart, White Castle, and Safeway. The other window looked out at a ghetto of sorts. Wierd place. πŸ˜‚

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  2. It looks so nice. We tend to stay at the same hotel every time we have to go to Edmonton as it is pet friendly so we can take Callie-cat with us. Always nice to hear of great accommodations, I would recommend the Edmonton Inn and conference Centre.

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  3. Thank you! I thought it was great. There were a lot of young people there ( for a tournament of sorts) and we were close to the pool so I was a bit concerned about noise but honestly I didn’t notice it, if it was an issue. The young people were all considerate in the hallways and they all loved Kat. πŸ€—.

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  4. Our last dog Casey, was a very intelligent, gorgeous Pomski but she was a lot bigger than Kat and not vicious, but aggressive/domineering in the pack leader way. She was very protective of me and the grandkids. Because of her personality and size, I found her difficult to handle. I wanted a smaller dog this time and Cavaliers were just perfect. Kat is big enough to be a real dog but small enough for me to handle her.πŸ‘

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