August 30th – Quiet Day

Dan is resting for work tonight.   Dom is here for a few hours so I have been trying to quietly entertain him.  Dom is six so quiet isn’t that natural for him.  I made his favourite for lunch (leftover pierogies with sausage).  He ate them while watching cartoons.  The good news is he ate all of his lunch and  managed to do it without stabbing himself with his fork. 👏 (I know, Grandma should make him eat at the kitchen table but Grandma’s a bit of a rebel).

Blue eyed Dom💞

After lunch we went up to the playhouse for a while but the wasps were pretty bad up there today.  We came back in to play with Playdoh and marbles.  The marbles were not quiet. For the record, they were not my idea.   We are back to watching another cartoon.   In a bit, we will head out to pick some peppers for Erin.  That should be a fun bit of entertainment.

There’s not a lot of anything else happening today.  We got our Canadian Tire bill in the mail this morning.   Years ago, when I was alone with my teenagers, I worked long hours to provide for us.   At the end of the month, I would sit down to write cheques for our rent and for any bills I had to pay.     I was always so happy, relieved, and grateful when I had the funds to cover all of our expenses, fill my gas tank, buy groceries, plus stash a few dollars away into savings. 😊     

Fortunately, we never had a month when I came out of this exercise unhappy! 

It has been many years now since I have had to wonder if my hard earned money would cover our regular expenses plus  the miscellaneous costs or raising a family.   Now, when I go to my bank account to transfer funds to cover bills,  I know that our funds will be more than adequate. 😁

But twenty years later, I still get excited when we receive a bill and I open my bank app to pay it.    I am so grateful and happy that we have the funds to cover  every expense we incur.   It just never gets old. 🤣🤣🤣 

Another beautiful sunny day 🤗

Wishing all a great day! Take care and see you tomorrow. 💞


13 thoughts on “August 30th – Quiet Day

  1. Seeing Dom there with the tray in front reminds me of coming home for lunch when I was in elementary school, so nice. Mom made grilled cheese sandwiches or soup, yum.

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  2. A lovely picture of the transfixed Dom. We eat lunch while sleeping in front of recorded antiques programs. It is only in retirement that I have not had to worry about paying bills.


  3. He is absolutely adorable Anne Marie, it’s great you get to spend time with him. We have our 4 year old great granddaughter Jovi today and quiet isn’t a word she’s really familiar with either. Kids just have issues with “putting a lid on it.” But she’s a hoot and we enjoy our time together. I agree, as long as we had money in our account to pay the bills it was never a chore…

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  4. Thank you, Neese. I just took Dom for a walk to the store. It had been raining so I gave him a small umbrella to bring – just on case. It is amazing how many things a six year old can do with an umbrella. 🤦


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