September 3rd – Off Leash Dog Parks

Today the ‘Piece of My Mind’ that I have decided to share, is the piece that holds my opinion on the proliferation of off-leash dog parks in our city.  Apparently this is a trend that has been spreading across North America for some time, but as usual we are running a few years behind.

For the record – I am against off-leash dog parks.  We certainly do not need seven (and counting) off-leash dog parks anywhere in Regina. We definitely do not need one in our neighborhood (which is currently in the works). There are as many dogs as people in our area. While we have many responsible dog owners, we also have those who can barely control their dogs on a leash, much less without one. When our neighbourhood off-leash dog park opens, I for one will not be taking Kat into that gong show.

But, we will be helping to foot the bill to build and maintain yet another off-leash dog park that this city does not need. As will everyone else in our neighbourhood – the petless, the cat people, the bird and reptile lovers. We will all foot the bill because some dog owners and city politicians have decided that dogs need their own parks so they can run free and socialize in urban areas. 🙄

Kat – Safe, staying out of of trouble, and happily out walking on her leash.

I realize there are a lot of dogs that are far larger and more active than our Kat. They may well require more intense exercise. In a small city like Regina, it is blocks to the rural area surrounding the city – with ample opportunities to run a larger animal. If that is not an option for anyone (anywhere), than maybe they should have made a more responsible choice when adopting a pet. Just saying!

Patricia Park – acres of on-leash walkways – a couple of blocks from the soon to operate off-leash dog park.

So, that is my ‘piece of mind’ for the day.

Have a great day! Take care and see you tomorrow.ğŸ’ž


13 thoughts on “September 3rd – Off Leash Dog Parks

  1. That’s a really stupid idea if I may say, Annmarie. I suppose the dog parks here are also off-leash. All this does is encourage dogfighting and lawsuits. I’ve heard the name Regina before.

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  2. You may certainly say, John. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan but it is probably known just as well for our Regina Roughrider CFL team and their fans who fill our stadium wearing green and white jerseys and sport watermelon helmets. (Seriously 🙄).

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  3. I can’t imagine how much dog poop is left behind on these off leash dog parks. There are plenty who walk their dogs on leashes, who don’t pick up after them. It can’t be safe for dogs to run loose in the forest unattended. Poor things.

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  4. I do not like them either and will never take my dog to one. I have heard of many incidents of dogs getting injured and some even killed in those parks. In my opinion anytime dogs are out among people or other dogs they should be on a leash and controlled.

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