September 14th – So Far So Good!

My catscan is complete and I am back home with Kat. Today the ‘piece of my mind’ that I am sharing is relative to my latest medical experience.

Kat was not worried – she was just waiting for me to share my breakfast. 😂

Everything went as well as could possibly be expected!

I was up at six o’clock to drink two glasses of water as per instructions. By seven o’clock I had lost eight pounds which would probably be expected by anyone who has ever gagged down two glasses of water at six a.m. Since the hospital where I was going is just a few blocks from our house, I had ample time to get dressed, check the weather and read my online news while I was not having my regular morning coffee.

I headed to the hospital at seven thirty and got there with no issues. I made it into the hospital and to the admitting desk without issue. I found radiology on my first try. (By this time I was feeling pretty cocky! I have the worst sense of direction and when I am within the confines of a hospital, where my stress level is through the roof, my sense of direction flies right out the nearest window.)

I was sent down the hall to change and had only one moment of sheer terror when I stepped back out of the change room with no idea which direction I had to turn. There were only two directions to turn and fortunately I chose the correct one to take me back to the reception counter. The clerk at the counter led me to the catscan area.

In the catscan area I was given another glass of water to drink. When I told the nurse I had already gagged down two glasses of water, she gave me a pass. She could not give me a pass on the iv that she had to insert so the lab technician could pump dye into me for the catscan. The injection went smoothly despite the fact that my vein (or artery?) on the inside of my elbow runs horizontal instead of vertical. Very strange – maybe they zigzag all over my body. 🤷

As soon as the iv shunt was in place, I was taken into the lab and placed on the catscan table. They attached the bottle with the die and did a quick scan before, and one after, the dye was released into my system. The dye did not hurt but it definitely causes an instantaneous and wierd feeling as it travels through one’s body – like a warm liquid starts at the top of one’s head and moves all the way down. That was relatively creepy.

That was it! All I had to do was wait fifteen minutes before the iv could be removed and I was free to run back to the change room, get my street clothes back on, stop in at Robins for a coffee and lemon poppyseed muffin and I was out of there!

I was so excited that I got to the Jeep before I realized that this was just a test and I still have to go for the actual surgical procedure for my hernia(s). I will have to go to the General Hospital, across town, for that performance. 😧😳😥

I made my way out of the parking lot and got myself home in one piece. Now I may need a nap. If I let myself dwell on the next step in this journey I may need wine – or a shot of tequila. 🥺

I must say that everyone, EVERYONE – from security, to clerical, to nurses, to technicians were AMAZING this morning. I am definitely grateful for their kindness, consideration, competence and professionalism.

That is it for today! All in all, a good full day before nine a.m. (Retired life is so great until one inevitably has to venture back into the real world. 😂)

Take care and have a great day! See you tomorrow. 💞


17 thoughts on “September 14th – So Far So Good!

  1. I’m glad that this procedure went so well for you, Annmarie! I have a few tests coming up too, one will require a dye injection. Not looking forward to this. I have no family here, doing this by myself…

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  2. Dan is working today but he will with me for the actual surgery for sure! I am sorry you have to go through your medical stuff without family support. I get so stressed out I forget half of what they tell me so definitely good having someone with me. Good luck with your tests!

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  3. Thank you, it’s tough, they are all in Michigan. I chose to stay here after the D, I knew this sort of thing was going to happen and have dealt with it before. It still sucks!

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  4. I am happy for you that all went well for you getting the scan done. Hoping when you go for the surgery all again goes well and everyone you come in contact with is kind, friendly, professional and caring.

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  5. I’d panic on the spot if i should go near that machine. I’m much better at dipping my finger gently on one of the Hoya flowers in the picture and get a drop of nectar. I’m glad the day went well for you.

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