September 15 – Huggs

Since I have run across the subject of hugging  in a number of articles and blogs that I have read lately, I thought this would be as good a time as ever to share ‘a piece of my mind’ on hugs.

I grew up at a time when people hugged fairly frequently.  I am not a touchy feely type of person, but I have always envied and admired the huggers.  To me, they display and embody the confidence and security that I have typically lacked.  

Hugging was known to be therapeutic for the young and old alike back in those days.  Infants and the elderly failed to thrive when deprived of human touch.  Hugging was healthy. Now, that does not necessarily seem to be the case.

Two things seem to be the driving force in the current decline of hugging.  The first is obviously the global pandemic that we have been experiencing.   Any and all touching has been discouraged to control the spread of Covid – which makes total sense.   The second is the obsession that we seem to have with sex these days,  which makes little to   no sense because most hugs are totally platonic in nature. 

Maddy & Prim – Sisterly Huggs

One thing that I find rather bizarre is that with the decline of hugging, there seems to be an increased dependence on ‘support animals’.   Why is that?   We can’t handle human to human contact, so we are turning to our animals?  Most hugging goes on between close family and friends, so why would we prefer to hug our pets?  Because they do not challenge us the way other humans do? My family and friends have certainly challenged me over the years. 🙄 My dog, not so much. 😁

While so many seem to flounder on the subject of hugging these days, why is it that so many big men are still big into hugging? Gold miners hug. On tv, they spend as much time hugging each other as they do digging for gold. Alligator hunters hug. They shoot alligators and they hug. Sports people indulge in a lot of contact, on and off the sports field, but they seem to be more into handshakes and back pats than hugs. It often looks like they are going in for a hug but can’t quite do it. Except for wrestlers. Wrestlers are hardcore huggers.

Teachers do not hug. There is zero physical contact between teachers or with even the youngest students. Office workers do not tend to be huggers. Maybe at Christmas. My bosses all hugged me at Christmas. Visiting supplier reps would hug coming and going. They would hug me. With my boss it was more of the sporty handshake/back pat thing.

I don’t have a solid opinion on hugging figured out as yet. Outside of Covid, I think hugs are natural and healthy but I still have my limits, despite getting older and supposedly needing more human touch. 👵

Anyway, that is it for today. Feel free to share your thoughts on hugging in the comment section below.

Group Hug – Grandpa, Genie, and Casey Dog

Take care and have a great day! See you tomorrow. 💞🤗


18 thoughts on “September 15 – Huggs

  1. I love that photo, Annmarie, so precious! I love hugs, it just feels right to have such closeness with family or friends and even with some people in certain situations. The darn virus has of course taken that away which is really awful. Humans need other humans. We instinctually need that closeness in my view. As a single guy, I would love a big hug from a lady!

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  2. I grew up in a home where there were no verbal or physical displays of love and affection. After I grew up I became a hugger and one to never leave someone I love without telling them that I love them. I have also hugged strangers and people I barely knew, but it is different now and those I hug will be limited. That makes me sad because I believe there are times when we all need a hug.

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  3. There wasn’t really verbal or physical displays of affection in my home – but we always knew that we were loved. My parents became more demonstrative with us after we grew up and moved from home. To me, a hug means more than ‘I love you’. Anyone can just say the words but it is hard to fake the affection in a hug.
    I have been wondering, is Frony your name? We comment back and forth often but I wasn’t sure so I have not been using it.

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  4. I love this Anne! I’m right in the middle giving hugs to those I know need one and staying to myself if I feel the hugging would not be welcomed. I LOVE hugs! And take them when I can get them. I agree it’s hard to fake a hug, you either mean it or you don’t hug!! Soooo here’s sending you virtual HUGS!! Sorry I’m late in responding, but I made it here eventually! 💕

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