September 17th – Odds and Ends

I had a less than ideal sleep last night so rather than trying to focus on any one topic today, I thought I would just share a few random ‘pieces of my mind’.

Meatloaf – Dan enjoys a great meatloaf. Unfortunately, mine are not particularly great. I made one last night. It was definitely better than the last one I made but the texture was a bit soft and the bacon wrap was a bit limp, despite cooking it longer than I should have! What does it take? At least, the cake I made was great. 👍

Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing. 😁

Covid has made a serious comeback in Saskatchewan. It is rediculous that for all the grief and upheaval this pandemic has caused, people continue to resist even the slightest inconvenience to control it. Seriously people! Follow the damn arrows! ➡️➡️➡️➡️. Does it not make sense to avoid face to face contact with people? Even if you are wearing a mask?

Holidays – I ran to the Dollar Store yesterday for more peanuts and birdseed for our furry and feathered visitors. Apparently, we are officially into the holiday season. There were Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas decorations filling the shelves. Maybe we have too many holidays when they have to compete for shelf space? 🙄

I bought a little ornament for us – I think that should cover us until Easter. 🤗

Federal Election – Only two more full days until election day in Canada. I am so excited!!! I can avoid watching the news but there is no dodging the election advertisements. Soon they will be over. ☺️ And we will be Simply Blessed to see the end of them. (What a handy ornament!)

Weather – This morning it was +2 when I got up (felt like -3). It has warmed up some but I am still wearing a sweater and feeling a bit chilled. Tomorrow’s weather report for Regina. ….

Summer is back 🥳

That is all I have for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


7 thoughts on “September 17th – Odds and Ends

  1. Wow, your cake looks so delicious, Annmarie! I just adore carrot cake. I tried to make a meatloaf a couple of years ago, it basically fell apart! I read a comment on my blog this morning about the Canadian elections, a hot topic just as it is here. I despise politics and politicians, not one of them is trustworthy.

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  2. Yes, every. Single. Ad. Serves zero purpose as far as I’m concerned. It would be lovely if these stations didn’t have to rely on advertising to pay the bills. Grrr!!

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