September 21st – Sharing is Caring

I am pressed for time today, so once again I am just sharing a few random ‘pieces of my mind’.

This one needs no explanation as to what was going through my mind when I brought in the mail this morning. 🤨 (In case you can’t tell, the city found four coffee cups when they scanned our recycling).
I invited Mark and Dom over for an early birthday supper for Mark tonight.  We still had leftover carrot cake so I baked them each a cookie for desert.  😂
Full Moon last night
What is that little blue bean?
And where did it go? 😳

Those last three photos were all taken one after another and I was almost in the same place. (I was a bit closer to the fence for the middle shot). We see those little blue beans often – sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. No idea what they are. Sometimes there are some behind our house, sometimes beside our house, sometimes on the power poles. Wierd. 🤔

That is all I have for today! Take care and have a good rest of the day💞


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