November 3rd – Anger

Many words of wisdom have been attributed to Guatama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.     According to Bodhipaksa, a popular Buddhist teacher,  this quote often attributed to Buddha, is not a true Budhha quote.  Bodhipaksa has determined that this quote is actually one by Eknath Easwaran who was paraphrasing Buddha’s teachings on anger and karma in his book “To Know Me is To Love Me.  The Bhagavad Gita For Daily Living Vol. 3. ”

You will not be punished for your anger.  You will be punished by your anger.

– Eknath Easwaran

This is definitely one of those quotes that resonates with me.  Anger is such a destructive, exhausting emotion.    Yet, there seems to be so many people who are often, and even typically,  angry these days.  I do not understand why – I do not understand the motivation or the pay off. I do not understand why they believe that their anger is worth the price.

I have seen any number of angry people in my day. I have seen ‘adults’ throw infantile tantrums, make violent threats, and heard them say terrible hateful hurtful things. I have seen such people pay the consequences, for their anger.   I have seen them drive away loved ones, destroy their businesses, ruin their careers, damage their own personal possessions, cause accidents, and create chaos in their own lives.

I can see that being angry is punishment, in and of itself. Yet, when people get angry they will do or say anything to justify their anger. And… Anger is not only tolerated in our society, it is often condoned or encouraged. Why? It is detrimental to everyone including, and especially those who are angry.

I have my own self-destructive issues, but I am seldom, if ever, angry. Occasionally annoyed, befuddled or the like – but seldom angry. I really do not understand why people so often resort to anger. Am I missing something?

That is it for today. As always, all comments are welcome and appreciated.

Take care & have a great day! πŸ’ž


19 thoughts on “November 3rd – Anger

  1. People were angry enough before the pandemic, so many have lost so much that naturally, anger will manifest. Anger is a tool of the evil one, a tool that it uses too well.

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  2. My father was angry. The Korean war and the Vietnam war mess him-up. I have his bad temper. I had to learn to control. Anger make us lose people. Old wise words. Count to ten before speaking foolish words dear Anne Marie.

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  3. Dang, three days? WOW, that’s not good. I see ads for anti-depression drugs on TV here every day. The drug companies have ad after ad after ad on TV all day and it makes me angry! We are a drug nation.

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  4. I read one article that listed sixteen benefits of anger. I did see how it could help someone who was extremely timid. For the people I know and have known with anger issues, it would have condoned and encouraged their destructive and violent abuse of others, so I did not include it.

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  5. I’m sorry that your TV screen is polluted with these stupid ads. They mention so many side effects that it’s like oh yeah, let’s get right on that drug! It may kill me!

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  6. And if they are for social anxiety, you really want them to know that they can cause explosive diaharrea. Would make anyone want to rush out and join a bowling league. πŸ™„


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