December 6th – Deck the Halls

Last night I decided to celebrate the season by changing our decor to something rather more seasonal. It wasn’t a heroic effort but it was a start and more than I have done in recent years.

The creche has always been the first seasonal piece to get unpacked. It has always been humble and after forty some years it is definitely looking ‘authentic.
With our temperatures plummeting and our snow accumulating, Frosty is not looking at all out of place.
One of so many musical pieces that have joined us over the years. For whatever reason, they scared the wits out of granddaughter Genie when she was a tot. We couldn’t go down the Christmas aisles in Walmart for years without traumatizing the poor tyke.
Our only tree so far, but I am seriously considering going all out and getting the real deal this year. 🌲
Santa and the Mrs. hanging out with the Christmas elephants. (Santa and Mrs. Claus are quite sizeable ceramic creations that Dan made – long before we met.

That is it for today folks! Take care and have a great day! πŸ’ž


13 thoughts on “December 6th – Deck the Halls

  1. It turns out there is a tree shortage here this year. I am glad it happened this year since with a puppy we wouldn’t have been able to have one. We are used to going with the grandkids to cut one, so we will wait until next year.

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  2. We are supposed to have a tree and turkey shortage but I have not seen it yet. At our local grocery store, turkeys were on sale with a limit of 4 per household. Not really sure why any household would need more than 4.

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  3. For years I refused to do anything before December 18th. Then I just skipped over a lot of it because we would go to my daughter’s for Christmas. It may take me a while to get everything covered this year. πŸ™„

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