December 12th – Tradition

Maintaining traditions is always a good way to celebrate the Christmas season. Definitely one of my favourite traditions at this time of year is receiving a bouquet of pink roses and red carnations from my husband Dan.

This annual tradition dates back to before Dan and I were dating. Dan and I were both working at the same millwork company. A strange situation indeed, since Dan has spent virtually his entire career in industrial steel work and I am deathly allergic to trees and any of their bi-products. Anyway… We both came to be working at the same company. I in the front office, and Dan in the production department. As was the case everywhere I worked, I did my best to support the production department – without which there would obviously be no company. I made their coffee, kept their lunch area and washroom cleaned, got to know each and every one of them, ensured that payroll was prompt and proper every two weeks, ordered supplies and just did whatever I could to keep them and their department running as smoothly as possible. It was what I did – on top of my administrative duties, customer service, and keeping the showroom clean and presentable.

At Christmas, we had an annual cleanup of the entire shop, set up a bar and a table of goodies, and invited customers and suppliers to drop by for a visit with management and staff. After, we were set-up and good to go, we dispersed to our homes, clean ourselves up, and returned dressed and ready to indulge and party. That was the typical. In 1996, a few months after Dan had joined the production department, I returned to accept delivery of a huge and gorgeous bouquet of pink roses. Dan had taken up a collection amongst the guys in the production department and had arranged for the bouquet, including a card that read “For all you do, these buds are for you.” (A play on a Canadian beer slogan for those from elsewhere). It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated. πŸ’ž

By the next Christmas, I was no longer at the millwork shop, Dan and I were family, and he had learned that pink roses were my absolute favourite (red roses my least) and that I kept a red carnation on my kitchen windowsill for my father, who had passed away days before Christmas a few years previously to this. On Christmas Eve, Dan arrived home with a bouquet of pink roses accented by one red carnation.

Dan has continued this tradition almost every year since – generally on December 17th (the anniversary of my father’s death) or on Christmas Eve. The beer slogans petered out but the sentiment is as heartfelt, the bouquet is as beautiful, and the gesture is every bit as much appreciated.

Pink roses and red carnations 2021 πŸ’ž

This year the bouquet came a bit earlier than usual – partly traditional bouquet, partly a get well bouquet. I was more than happy to receive it and I will enjoy it as I recover from surgery and finish preparing for Christmas.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!πŸ’ž


17 thoughts on “December 12th – Tradition

  1. That’s a beautiful bouquet! What a fine tradition you have, Annmarie. I’ve never heard of being allergic to trees and tree byproducts. Can you be near trees without becoming ill?

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  2. It depends. My asthma was totally out of control and escalating all the time that we lived up north with all of the trees. Here I am okay being around a few trees but I cannot handle fresh cut wood, sawdust, or wood smoke.

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