January 4th – By the Book

The theme of my blog this month is ‘Canadian Meal Options’. To this end, I am sharing one meal or dish that Dan and I have each day. Many of the recipes I use come from ‘The New Purity Cookbook‘. It was new forty five years ago when I received my first copy of this book. Through twenty years of child rearing, this book was my kitchen bible for everything from homemade bread, to pancakes, to biscuits, deserts to main dishes. Some fifteen years ago, my daughter borrowed my kitchen bible and I floundered around my kitchen until my son Dan happened upon a copy at an antique shop. šŸ™„

My new ‘New Purity Cookbook’

I didn’t need my kitchen bible to prepare last night’s supper. We had a fairly basic meal of roast pork, oven baked potatoes, onions, broccoli, and gravy. It was all quite tasty and we have enough roast left over to make an encore later this week – served up as fried rice no doubt.

Roast Pork Supper

For desert we each had a gourmet chocolate. After desert we each had a couple of leftover Christmas cookies. Dan had peanut butter ones, while I opted for the ‘Spiced Ginger Mounds’ that I made using my Purity Cookbook.

I made countless cookies when my sons and daughter were children. I made chocolate cookies, coconut cookies, oatmeal cookies, cooked cookies, uncooked cookies, fancy cookies, and basic cookies. I made so many cookies. For whatever reason, these ginger cookies were always a favourite with all three of my kids. I was never that much of a fan, but they do get rid of the aftertaste of gourmet chocolates. šŸ‘

Spiced Ginger Mounds
Recipe from ‘The New Purity Cookbook’ (I substitute butter for shortening).

That is it for today! Take care and have great day! šŸ’ž


13 thoughts on “January 4th – By the Book

  1. When I got married I was gifted a Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book. It was a popular cookbook to gift at the time much like the Purity cookbook. I’ve never heard of the purity, but similarly I’ve cooked many meals from my cookbook and cherish it to this day!! YUMMY dinner you made with a great photo!! šŸ’ž

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