January 5th – Heating Things Up

Last night’s supper was more about the how than the what. Another small appliance that has proven it’s worth in our empty nest is our TFal Actifry air frier. I use it on a regular basis to make everything from homemade croutons to seasoned sunflower seeds to French fries to chicken wings. It is a nice little unit, simple to use and relatively easy to clean.

Lat night, I used our Actifry to cook chicken wings. I cook about a dozen pieces at a time. I just toss them in, cook for twenty five minutes and set aside while I cook the next batch. My favourite part is draining the chicken fat out of the fry basket after removing the wings. A couple of dozen wings and I have drained about a quarter cup of chicken fat that will not become a part of our diet. Once I cook a couple of batches, I return both to the Actifry with a couple of tablespoons of Frank’s Red Hot sauce and one tablespoon of Frank’s Red Xtra Hot sauce. Cook for a further five minutes and we have perfect hot wings every time.

Our second TFal Activity – I used the first one enough that I broke the cover hinge off of it. I’m not sure if that is a design flaw in this make or if it was just me.
We enjoyed our wings with Caesar salad topped with homemade croutons.
And a spicy Caesar featuring vodka that has been spiced up with a hot pepper grown in our garden last summer.
Supper is served! We do not usually have riblets but I wanted to try them in the Actifry as this brand isn’t working that well in our oven even using convection mode.
  • Air Fried Croutons
  • Cube one loaf of bread (fresh cheese bread works great)
  • Spread cubes on two cookie sheets and spray with extra virgin olive oil
  • Sprinkle with a mixture of grated Parmesan cheese and spices – seasoning salt, black pepper, Italian seasoning mix, garlic powder and onion powder is generally my go to.
  • Toss in the Actifry and cook for ten minutes. Spread on cookie sheets to cool.
  • Enjoy on salads or to top oven baked French onion soup

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!


12 thoughts on “January 5th – Heating Things Up

  1. Sounds and looks great Anne Marie. Is that asparagus in your drink? We’ve canned hot pickled asparagus for years. Hubs always used to take a quart of it to his favorite local pub and they’d all drink Bloody Mary’s that might with his asparagus in it. It’s the only thing I ‘can’ that I don’t eat cause I don’t like hot/spicy stuff. Your homemade croutons sound so good…

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  2. Hubs had a shrimp special at Red Lobster a couple years ago and he loved the sauce the shrimp was covered with. Ever since he’s made it to use on seafood or wings. You might like it. It’s honey and sriracha sauce mixed together. Don’t know the quantity of each but you could make it as hot as you want. You should can your own asparagus some year. It looks so pretty in jars because they stand as tall as the quart jar. He makes the asparagus pretty hot using habanero. When he got the habanero out of the jar we’d start coughing in the house because it was so strong. He finally used a knife tip and took each jar of asparagus out to the porch to add the hot 🌶 pepper stuff-hahaha….

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  3. I had a burger lately that had honey/sriracha sauce on it. It was amazing! I will have to try some on wings. I used to grow tons of asparagus up north (my ex went through our asparagus patch with a rototiller. Here I do not have room to grow it. We usually put a sliced habanero in our vodka bottle but this time we used a ghost pepper. We keep diluting it with more vodka but it is still rediculous. 🙄

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  4. Well the only thing we grow is enough tomatoes to keep me happy through August and September. We lived near a farmer who grew several acres of asparagus and sold it cheap to the locals besides selling it to Green Giant or another big canned vegetable company.
    Hubs is on a low carb diet so I’m always searching the store for stuff he can eat or snack on. I bought Blue Diamond Habanero almonds, the next week picked up Carolina Reaper and Ghost pepper almonds. He gave a thumbs up to Habanero but not to the other 2, and he usually likes stuff really hot.


  5. I am in love with my air fryer and use it several times a month. Ours has a pretty big basket and fits a whole chicken. Roasted in the fryer it is delicious and so very simple.

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  6. I love mine for what I use it for. I looked at larger ones but I don’t have a lot of room for appliances and very little space to use them. My new stove has the convection oven so I am enjoying trying things with it!

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