January 15th – Inevitable

Dan and I both cook so we can generally put together something relatively edible and nutritious for a meal. We do have the occasional day when we lose track of time or do not feel like cooking. Yesterday was one such day – the not feel like cooking type of day. Fortunately, we went shopping earlier this week and came across a sale on TV dinners.

Turkey TV dinners it was 😁
For desert, Dan indulged in a couple of his favourite chocolates.

I opted for an early night, which was obviously a good choice, as I did get up feeling much better than I did yesterday. Dan is also feeling better, so hopefully our bug is behind us.

That is it for today. Tonight we have a more ambitious supper plan.

Take care and have a great day!


24 thoughts on “January 15th – Inevitable

  1. Although I haven’t had a TV dinner in quite a spell, I used to love them. On weekends when my mom worked that’s what dad and I had after Sunday morning church. He’d have Salisbury steak and I loved the turkey dinner, but they had to be Swanson’s brand (Banquet just wasn’t as good). Thanks for the memories Anne Marie…

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  2. I am glad you are feeling better, but I had to smile at this. This is the first year I have not bought Ferrero chocolates during the holiday season, and Randy even commented on it one night.

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  3. We never had TV dinners growing up and my kids didn’t have them until they were all teenagers. Dan and I have them once in a while now – turkey, Salisbury steak, or chicken. And yes, they do have to be Swanson!

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  4. I get Dan the Ferrero ones and a bid of Brandy Beans for me. This year I went to a gourmet chocolate shop and got a very small, very pricey box of special chocolates. They were horrid. That shop used to have really good chocolates but not anymore! I am glad we are feeling better too. Thank you.💞

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  5. My mom cooked supper every night except Saturday when I was a kid. She’d put a roast in the oven on Sunday morning before we left for church. But then she started working in a nursing home and had to work every other weekend. Dad didn’t cook and I was too young, so we became Sunday friends with Swanson’s. (We went out to eat every Saturday night-nothing fancy but still fun and nice memories)…

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  6. The last TV dinner I had was not as good as they were in the past so I have not tried any more of them. I am glad to hear that you and Dan are both feeling better. How lucky you are to have a husband that cooks.

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