January 16th – Struggling

Well here we are, three or four days in and I still feel lousy. It feels like a month. There are two things I do spectacularly badly – traveling and being sickly. I don’t know what is worse – me being sick or Dan being around me when I am sick. Poor Dan. 🙄

Despite being in recuperation mode himself, Dan made supper last night. And did the dishes. 💞

Leftover roast beef, air fried potatoes, side salad, gravy and horseradish.

Supper was basic but very good – just what we needed. Dan is a very good cook, but his specialties run more to homemade soups, stews, steak and seafood, pasta…. We were not really up to anything that ambitious last night.

This morning, I dragged myself into the kitchen to make us each a Denver. I rather petered out half way through but it was doable.

For tonight, I am looking forward to French onion soup. If that doesn’t cure what ails me, nothing will.

I can’t imagine how people with chronic illness or pain, or terminal illness deal with it. When I was in hospital a few years ago, I couldn’t believe the strength and patience of my fellow patients. It was like I was the only one crying, whining, and bitching. 🙄 I even saw some of the other patients eating their ‘hospital food’ (Not to be confused with real food. 🍝).

Anyway, a special shout out today to anyone who is sick or suffering today. I hope you feel better soon. They say ‘”misery loves company” – I say “misery needs hope, and kindness, and aspirin”.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!


21 thoughts on “January 16th – Struggling

  1. Sending healing thoughts and hugs your way! It sucks being sick, and I hope you will feel better fast. Hang in there! And hope Dan is much better too! ❤️🙏❤️

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  2. I hope you are feeling better soon and may you experience a miraculous recovery. The purple flower is really uplifting even with those little prickly things. Rest–everything else will still be there.

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  3. Lovely photo, Ann Marie! Your creations always look so delicious, I’d love to try Dan’s cooking, it sounds delicious. I hope you guys feel much better very soon, the weather being so cold probably doesn’t help the healing. Be well! 🙏🏻❤️

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  4. I sure was hoping both of you were feeling a whole lot better today. I am glad you are able to eat, that will help keep your strength up and get well. Keeping you both in thoughts and prayers and sending lots of get well wishes.

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  5. Thank you, John. You would think the cold weather would kill any bugs that are out and about. Doesn’t work that way. 🤦. I am sure you would enjoy Dan’s cooking. He does have a talent. 👍


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