January 29th – Tim’s Kitchen

I could not let this month’s ‘Canadian Meal Options’ theme come to an end without one night of Tim’s. 

Every viable town in Saskatchewan has  at least one Oriental restaurant.  Regina, the capital city of this province, has several.  We have two favourites.  One is Peking House.  When my sister Lorraine and her husband Jerry visit, we take a trip downtown to have an eat-in experience at Peking House.  Their salt and pepper dry ribs and their various hot pots are amazing!  If Dan and I are ordering in or picking up, our goto Oriental experience comes courtesy of Tim’s.  Tim’s Kitchen is a small, take-out only shop, conveniently located a few short blocks away from our house.   All of their food is great but their Wor Wonton Soup and deep fried wontons are exceptional! 

Last night was a Tim’s night.

Tim’s Work Wonton Soup & Fried Wonton
Dry garlic ribs, beef chop Suey (with shrimp from the Shanghai noodles which I do not eat), deep fried wontons, vegetable spring rolls with plum sauce, szechuan chicken, and Tim’s special rice.   Pepsi in the wine glass – and yes Kat firmly planted under my table in case anything happened to (accidentally) fall her way.

We have plenty left over for another meal. We can never narrow our options down to a one meal experience.

That is it for today. I have a busy day planned with some kitchen deep cleaning and an ambitious supper plan. 😉

Take care and have a great day! 💞


22 thoughts on “January 29th – Tim’s Kitchen

  1. I’ve always been hesitant to try new things (really pig-headed). My mom would not try Chinese food when we were visiting relatives in California when I was a kid. Hubs said he was taking me to Pizza Hut 35 years ago in Davenport, Iowa and literally forced me into a fancy place called The Mandarin. (I was almost in tears) He even ordered for me, Mongolian Beef and if I could eat it 3 times a week after 35 years, I still would…

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  2. I was thinking you may not have Panda’s there… If you ever visit the states you’ll have to check them out. I think they are across the U.S. probably in most big cities. Lol – I know they are in a lot of airports too!

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