It’s Dan’s birthday today but since he had to work we celebrated last night. Just a quiet evening at home but it was nice. A little food, some tv, and a nice supper.

My sister Elaine and her husband John sent Dan the prettiest card. She makes cards for all of the family for birthdays, anniversaries and the like and they are all so special. I am sure she has everything down on a calendar of sorts but I would still lose track. (My Christmas cards from 2015 are still waiting to be sent.)
This beautiful card was the one she sent to us for the loss of our Kat. The inscription was touching, as well. 😒
Dan’s birthday supper – with a side salad. He didn’t get a card from me but I did tell him if he wanted any new golf gear, he could definitely buy it from me. πŸ™„ It is hard for me to buy the right sports equipment for him but I am all for him having whatever adds to his enjoyment of the game. πŸ’ž
And I made him a cake. Actually, it was Brownies with cream cheese icing but it was cakish. 😊

Today is also Dan’s sister Joan’s birthday – four years apart but on the same day. πŸŽ‚ They also have two cousins born on April 12th – a few years apart. That seems like such a bizarre coincidence to me. I come from a largish family, that came from two very large families, and none of us share birthdays. πŸ€”

That’s about it for today. I got my dancing and walking in today so I am feeling pretty darn good about myself. I haven’t missed any workout days since February 14th. Pretty impressive. 😌

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’ž


35 thoughts on “Wednesday!

  1. Happy Birthday to Dan, and you should be feeling pretty darn good! Dinner looks delicious, and the cards are indeed beautiful! The flowers on the sympathy card are just stunning.

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  2. A happy birthday wish for Dan! The cake looks delicious as does the dinner, Anne-Marie. The cards are very beautiful, she is very talented! ❀️

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  3. A late happy birthday to Dan! You had a lovely celebration.

    Our two daughters were born three years minus one day apart, one of the 12th, and one on the 11th. Only once did I invite a school friend to the wrong party. She and her mother were gracious about it and came back the next day.

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  4. You are on time – I was early. I thought he would enjoy his supper more last night as we have to eat so late when he works. You did good to only mix up the birthday lists once. My daughter has two daughters who were born two years and one day apart March 24th & 25th. They celebrate their birthdays together.


  5. I am pleased you celebrated well, and add my good wishes. Three of my children were born on the nineteenth of a month and I have two grandchildren from different offspring sharing 23rd December birthdays a year apart

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  6. My brother and daughter share a birthday. My daughter’s boy friend’s birthday is the day after mine. This year we are going to have a 125 party–50 for him, 75 for me. Your mushrooms made my mouth water!!

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  7. That is cool. I used to celebrate my birthday with my boss who was twenty years older than me. I remember the year we turned πŸ’―. We eat mushrooms all of the time! I made chilli last night and we were out of them. It just wasn’t the same. πŸ™„

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  8. Beautiful cards and that meal looks delicious. Happy Birthday to Dan. Brownies with cream sounds yummy. Sorry to be late on his birthday wishes. Hope you both have a wonderful day today. ❀

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  9. Happy birthday to Dan! I’m so happy to see I’m not the only one who celebrates with me telling my hubby please get want you want, he’s so hard to buy far especially as we are getting older. ❀️ My hubby’s birthday is this coming Wednesday and my daughter’s on Thurs, one day apart. That is such coincidence he has so many family members with the same birthday! The cross-stitch cards are sooooo beautiful!! Gosh, I could do that too and never thought of making homemade cards. Thank you for sharing, such a great idea! Have a wonderful weekend Anne! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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  10. Thank you, Diana! I hope your Hubby and Daughter have great birthdays. πŸŽ‚ My sister has an amazing talent. Not only does she make her own cards but she makes the paper to make them out of. She does beautiful cross stitch and crocheting. πŸ’

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  11. I had the same problem with mushrooms a few weeks ago. I left them out of the chili and found out that they supplied a needed flavor. The next day I added some sauteed mushrooms to the chili and it made all the difference.

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