Mental Health

There is more talk about mental health nowadays than ever before, but sometimes I have to wonder if the ‘talk’ does more harm than good.

This morning I ran across a short article regarding Camilla Cabello. I have no idea who she is. I know very little about Hollywood type stuff or the people involved, but I saw this article, read it, and felt I had to share it because it is so dead on right – in my mind.

In the course of our lives, we all struggle mentally and/or emotionally – at least occasionally, and at least severely enough that we need to address whatever issues we are struggling with.

That is exactly what Camilla Cabello discusses in this article. She offers no excuses, no blame, no explanation for how or why or where or when she came to develop anxiety issues. She talks about her anxiety issues, the pain they cause, and her efforts to deal with them. Period.

It is one thing to discuss the cause(s) of our mental or emotional issues with professionals and those closest to us as part of our healing process, but obsessing over the cause becomes more of a problem than a solution in my mind. Too often, that is where a lot of people seem to be stuck and what a lot of the current talk revolves around. It becomes more about justifying mental/emotional issues than dealing with them and recovering from them.

Anyway, this is a link to the article I read. It is short and well worth the time to read it.

Molly trying to sleep under the sofa. 🤦

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!


30 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. Molly is looking adorable! Some dogs like to have their back against something firm. Steffi lies in the hall against the wall, with her feet up in the air like that. How Molly has managed to get half her body under seems a bit creative, but sure made for a cute photo!

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  2. She’s looking beautiful, Anne! I would love to meet her.

    I find the mental health ads on TV a bit irritating because they are on constantly like too many others, and, not everyone has had these issues through, or because of, the pandemic or otherwise.

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  3. She is such a cutie. My mental health goes up and down because I’m chronically ill but I try not to over analyze things and just get on with it. If I’m having a bad day, I just remember tomorrow will most likely be better. Not having television in the house, avoiding social media and using every ad blocker available online helps, too.

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  4. Thank you! Avoiding our local news helps me, plus spending more time being active and out in nature (and off of the computer). Now that I am retired and have had a couple of years to de-stress and get my physical health in a better place ( I will always have chronic health issues), I can’t believe how miserable I was. I wake up every morning now thinking I can’t believe this is how people should feel.


  5. This morning I was awakened by Emmy pulling on my comforter. Apparently Charlie(much to her delight) had forgotten to close the door. I love Molly under the bed.

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  6. Hydrating yourself and making sure that you’re getting enough water at each stage of the day is something that’s always going to be important. If you’re not giving your body the water and hydration it needs, you’re going to get headaches, lose focus, and generally feel worse during the day.


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