Playtime With Molly

In a futile effort to wear Molly out during the day, to afford us a good night’s sleep, I try to schedule in some regular playtime with her.

I like fetch but obviously Molly prefers ‘hide and seek’. 
She wins on a regular basis. 🙂

Last night we were awake until 2 or so listening to her walk around the bed, groan loudly, and drop to the floor with a thud. We should have named her ‘RELENTLESS‘. 😂😂😂

Take care and have a great day! 💞


17 thoughts on “Playtime With Molly

  1. I think youre going to have to move up to videos.

    And I’m glad to know someone else’s dog does all that wandering, puffing and slamming her body to the floor in disgust. No worries. That phase only last till they’re 2..

    Have acwonderful spring weekend.

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  2. If by walking around the bed groaning and then flopping to the floor, I wonder if you mean your bed, and she is communicating her annoyance that she is not in it with you? 🐶

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  3. She finds some new way to annoy/amuse us every day. Yesterday she was stealing shoes (Dan’s) and hiding them under the cedars. It was raining at the time. 🙄. Today she is pulling down anything she can get her paws on. I have a carton of garden stuff in the porch that went for a good tumble a while ago. 😲

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  4. We read a lot – about how big she would get, how loud she would get, how stubborn she would get, that she would be nocturnal – and the like. But every source I found said she would not be super active ( except for twenty minutes a couple of times a day). Nothing about how much garbage she would haul in every day or the constant gnawing on everything. Having had small dogs for the last twenty years – those are the two really notable things. But svelte would be nice! 😊


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