Fifteen Weeks

It has been fifteen weeks plus a couple of days since I decided to GET FIT! Do or die! (That may be a bit overly dramatic, but my quality of life was drifting downward and I wasn’t going down without a fight).

Three and a half months later, now into daily Zumba, spring yard work, and raising Molly (our Pyrenees pup), I am still seeing positive results – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yay!

One issue that I have struggled with lately has been my blood pressure. It has been running high and last week when we went to spend a few days up north with son Dan and family it was way too high. When we came home, I started reading up on controlling blood pressure and read that beet juice was particularly helpful. I decided it was worth a try. 🀷

Dan bought me the liquid beet juice. After more reading (and seeing the price of the liquid), I decided to try the crystals.

I have been drinking six ounces of beet juice a day for six days. After the first day, I started adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to each glass. (Pure beetroot juice is VERY sweet). In the matter of a few days my blood pressure has dropped to normal, healthy levels. Not only is my blood pressure better but my lungs and sinuses are better than they have been in ages. Because I am breathing so much easier, I am sleeping much better (which is no doubt helping my blood pressure). At this point, I have no idea if any of this is due to the beetroot juice or coincidence but I am going to try using it for a while and see how it goes!

Molly – Fifteen and a half weeks – 36 lbs.

Meanwhile, I was back to the vets with Molly yesterday for her first Parvo booster. She checked out great, was exceptionally well behaved, and won the hearts of every vet, vet tech, and receptionist who fussed over her and her fluffy white fur coat. One more booster in three weeks and a week for it to take and YAY we can start daily public walks.

At home, Molly is less than exceptionally well behaved on a regular basis. This week she is in a battle with a clay flower pot that keeps stealing her collection of small rocks. It is too funny and worth the trouble of collecting the rocks and moving the pot each day to keep the battle going. Usually, Molly dumps the pot and carries the rocks into the porch. Last night, she came zooming through the house carrying the pot. πŸ˜‚

Other than that, the biggest excitement we have had this week was having a Finch fly into the house yesterday. I tried catching it with a butterfly net. All the while, Molly tried her best to stay between me and our unwelcome guest. Eventually, the Finch got tired of our futile efforts and made its way out the back door.

That’s it for today! Take care and have a great day. πŸ’ž


35 thoughts on “Fifteen Weeks

  1. Anne, I admire your research for your health issue instead of asking or being told to take a pill to help control your blood pressure. We really can be our own best advocates in many cases. You also show a huge amount of patience with Molly. I commend you for that too. Have a great day my friend…

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  2. I am glad the finch got out! Sweet little babies. Gladly, no birds have crashed into my windows since last year. What was the high number you got? 150, maybe 160? That’s dangerous! I’ll have to try the beet juice, Anne, thanks for the idea! Molly seems like a very normal pup, causing havoc! πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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  3. Never heard of the beet juice but I am glad it seems to be working for you. Congratulations for keeping to the fitness routine for 4 months now. Great commitment.

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  4. Thank you, Neese! Prescription meds cause me so much grief that I try to avoid them if possible. Molly will only be a puppy for a short time compared to the years she will be a manageable adult – I hope. 🀞

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  5. Will do. They do say not to drink it regularly without talking to your physician if you are on meds that are managing your blood pressure. Am keeping a close eye on my blood pressure just to make sure it doesn’t dip to far. I am also taking less than the 1-2 cups recommended dose. I would rather work up than overdo it off the bat.

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  6. I hit 163/95 once but there was a lot of sawdust and woodsmoke happening that day and I am super allergic to both. You should talk to your doctor first since you are on bp meds. It might make your blood pressure too low.

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  7. I had to laugh at Molly and the rocks. They are so cute and funny. Kate used to steal all the chew toys and pile them up on her pillow. She even sneaked up to the German Shepherd Dog, Rex, one day and took his chew bone from right in front of his nose where it was lying next to his paw, backed away..and she did it without flinching. She had a philosophy of “all toys belong to Kate.”

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  8. I see, you need a mask. I was just at the grocer and looked for beet juice, not one bottle was seen! I may have to order it from Amazon but try a different store first. You believe that the juice lowers BP that much? This is a “dirty little secret” that doctors don’t want you know?

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  9. My BP was running 135/85 up to 193/95. Usually about 145/90. I think the lack of sleep was an issue as well because my lungs and sinuses were so congested. I can’t say how well it would help others but I would read up on it. Apparently beets are very nutritious and good for a person in a number of ways. The crystals cost the same from Amazon as they do at Old Fashioned Foods here. (Oui healthfood store).

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  10. Thanks, Anne, I will check Amazon for this! I think of 140/80 as being nominal, just on the border of being acceptable and too high. 193 is very dangerous to your organs!

    My pressure spiked earlier as I ate something with too much salt in it. It got to 153, I took two BP pills and it went back to 130/83 which is well inside the safe range. You may need BP pills too but I hope not!

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  11. Doctors have definitely looked for it but haven’t found anything. I have asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis so I get regular blood work done as well as x-rays, EKGs and mri’s. I just had an x-ray done a few weeks ago and the report noted that my heart was not enlarged and looked ‘regular’. Also had an ultrasound on all of my organs recently and the only issue was my lungs.


  12. I have had three or four doctors tell me my blood pressure was on the high side for the past two years but they didn’t seem particularly concerned. I will keep an eye on it for the next while and see how it goes. BP pills will be a last resort. I don’t react well to medications and seem to be getting more sensitive to them. Dan takes his regularly every morning. It keeps his blood pressure in the acceptable range.

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  13. I am surprised that the doctors weren’t concerned. Check your BP frequently through the day, and write down the numbers for the doctor to see. I have no choice but the pills which sucks!

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  14. They check everything – I have had heart/lung scans. My blood work is great (even cholesterol and sugar). No discoloration in nails etc. Etc. They can’t find any reason for my blood pressure to be high so just watch it.


  15. Anne, you are doing so well, good job. I am glad your blood pressure is back to normal. I have heard that beet juice was good for us, I love pickled beets but that is the only way I have had beets. I had to laugh as I pictured in my mind Molly running through the house with her flowerpot. How could everyone at the vet’s office not love that adorable sweetie? I am happy she is doing well and you and she will soon be able to go for walks. Kudos to you and Molly! ❀

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  16. I will keep noting how it goes. I don’t know why my blood pressure has been an issue. Up until a couple of years ago I always had low blood pressure and I have regular blood tests that always come back with great results.

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