Summer 2022

It is the first official day of summer so I am showcasing a new seasonal appropriate header photo.  I forgot to ask her to autograph it, but this one comes from our twelve year old granddaughter Maddy.  It has to be a self portrait because it sure reminds me of her – right down to the perennially skinned knees. 

For those who use the WordPress reader and don’t see the header photo.

We are starting out the summer with a gloomy, cloudy day but it will be all rainbows if we get some much needed rain today.  

To finish getting Molly ready for summer walks and outings, we paid a visit to the veterinary clinic for her final round of puppy shots yesterday.  I am so glad that we are done with that and so grateful that we can afford the care and protection that it takes to keep her strong and healthy.  She weighed in at a whopping 42.5 pounds at four months old.

I’m sorry I don’t know where this meme originated but Dan shared it with me last night and I think it is hilarious – and very much Molly.  I am the one with the wine glass. 😂

Here’s wishing all a wonderful summer. Take care and have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Summer 2022

  1. I also got sidetracked with Molly and Anne at the table—I meant to say the drawing by your granddaughter is quite lovely and she shows talent! It looks like an illustration perfect for a book!

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  2. Your granddaughter’s drawing is great! Wow! 42.5 pounds that sweet Molly is growing big time. That meme gave me a giggle, but I am thinking it might be a perfect depiction of you and Molly. LOL

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