Around the Yard

It is a dull drizzly day here in Southern Saskatchewan. Molly and I did take a walk this morning, I did get my workout in, I am doing a few loads of laundry, but this weather is making me tired!

I was just outside with Molly fort a few minutes to see if the fresh air would perk us up. It didn’t but I did take a few photos.

We had to replace our little Buddha this year as the last one did not survive the winter.
Our current bush is covered with berries. They will change color and then disappear. Squirrels? Birds? Kids? We have no idea and neither of us eat them, so whatever.
I have dug out hundreds of these lilies over the year but they are incorrigible.
No idea – I planted mixed wildflowers under the birdbath.
More wildflowers
As is this!
And this!
And a few California Poppies

That was it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞


16 thoughts on “Around the Yard

  1. Your flowers are just gorgeous! Love that variety of petunia–I don’t think we get those here as I am sure I have not seen them, but now I am going to look! The tiger lily looks beautiful to me!

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  2. I planted the petunias from seeds I bought (in the house in early spring). I have no idea what brand they were but the brands are probably different down there. The Tiger Lilies choke out everything else in our front flower beds if I let them go.

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  3. My goodness, Anne! I don’t know if or when I have seen such gorgeous flowers. I love all the beautiful colors. Hot here triple digits the heat is making me tired.

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  4. I read your comment about growing mushrooms and remembered a funny tale. Our neighbor in rain drenched Oregon opened the trunk of his car to find it had leaked a little and mushrooms were growing in it! Love the frilly petunias. They are new to me.

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  5. That would be funny! We get them growing wild around our yard, especially in recent years, but so far our Jeep is shroom free. Thank you! I love those Petunias too and I am so proud that I started them from seeds. 🤗

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