This came up on my Facebook feed this morning. It has probably been around forever but I do not remember seeing it before. This relates to everything that is wrong with the world today compared to when I was growing up.

Things are never black or white – they weren’t when I was young and they are not now, but generally speaking, we grew up learning to make the best of what we had – as our parents did, and their parents did before them.

Nowadays, people are so often the opposite. If it isn’t perfect, if it isn’t the best – it is worthless. Waste it, destroy it, and throw it away. ‘IT’ is everything – homes, vehicles, food, clothes, people (parents, siblings, partners, friends, anyone). As a society, ‘IT’ is healthcare, roads, education, the environment, natural resources. EVERYTHING. Waste it, destroy it, and throw it away.

And so many people are miserable – struggling with their health – mental, emotional, and physical AND finding themselves with less and less. Still they are demanding more and more – AND ‘the more’ has to be perfect or they waste it, destroy it, and throw it away.

It is an unsustainable obsession that we have these days, this desire for perfection or having only ‘the best’.

It is kind of funny that this came up for me this morning. This week wasn’t going well for me. My lungs are not liking our weather, I am feeling blah and bloated, I put on a couple of the pounds that I have worked so hard to take off. 😢 So, I decided it was time to change directions. I am not giving up on my health and fitness. It is just time to quit moping and start cleaning cupboards and closets, polishing up the Jeep, maybe give my dog a bath. Just make the best of what I have, instead of being so focused on what’s not working for me this week. This post came up at the perfect time to give me the boost I needed to get on with it. 🥰

Feeling grateful for what I have.🤗

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day. 💞🌞


18 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Thank you, Carol Anne! Are you still on your holiday or are you back home? I will have to go check up on your posts. With a new pup, I have been having trouble keeping tabs on everyone lately. 😞

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  2. It’s the same thing here, Anne. Throw away people and relationships, toss everything that isn’t up to their high standards. Gimmee gimmee gimmee!!! And I want it free too. Get on the government payroll and let the poor saps do all of the work!

    Our young generation is pretty sickening, they vote for people whom they know nothing about presumably. It’s madness, and my country is going down the loo! I am glad that you are finding things to take care of that needs it, I do the same thing.

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  3. Its not all young people here – in fact I think we all have our days, but it is something I do see a lot of, and a lot more of, all the time. Some things tend to be younger people – like electronics. They have to have the new cell phone model the day it comes out. They see people like my siblings and just roll their eyes. I would still be using a flip phone if it was up to me. At least I could make a phone call on it. 😂

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  4. Flip phone? Nooo! 😂 I am being too harsh on the young folks, sorry. I just don’t understand why they can’t see things in this world more clearly. All they seem to care about is like you said, the newest devices, and just party party party! Life isn’t one long party, kiddos…

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  5. You should have met some of the people I worked with for the last few years of my career. As old, or older than me and I have no idea how they survived that long. Zero appreciation for anything and no sense of responsibility. Poor me…. Ad nauseum.


  6. I had not seen the graphic. Well said, Anne. It is that way here too. Happy you saw the graphic and it encouraged you to do other things. You are doing great so just keep on doing whatever you feel you need to do one day at a time.

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  7. Thank you Mags. I am not going to quit – there’s always going to be weeks when I feel like I’m getting nowhere. I know it is more important all the time. I am only going to get older and our health services just keep getting sketchier (from over use and poor management). I have to keep fit. 😉

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  8. I agree with what you say. However, I think my generation overly spoiled our children. I hope this doesn’t offend any one but I think we made life a bit too easy on our children. Perhaps every generation says this. It just seems to me that NO ONE wants to take responsibility and learn from it. Just call me an old-timer because I am!

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  9. If you offended anyone it would have to be me. 🤣🤣🤣 I spoiled my kids. Took responsibility for them when I shouldn’t have. Took me 40 years to figure out I wasn’t making life easier for them. I was making it so much harder than it should have been. 🤦


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