November 1st – James Clear

Twenty years ago, I discovered the potential empowerment of self-help programs.  For me, finding an aged copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking”, was life-changing.  It started me on a  quest to discover the wisdom and inspiration shared by the amazing and insightful individuals who work in this field.

What never fails to amaze me in discovering  a new brilliant concept,  is the total simplicity and truth at  the heart of it.    The ideas that these gurus relate are so obvious!  They shouldn’t be amazing and yet they ARE.

For the past eight and a half months, I have been sharing the progress of my health and wellness journey that I began in  mid February.  Most of what I have shared has been relative to my physical progress and the benefits that I have enjoyed.  This month, I decided to share some of the mental and emotional progress that I have made over the past couple of decades, and which has been accelerated and enhanced by the improvements to my physical health and well-being in the past few months.

My biggest challenge today was choosing the subject of my first blog on this topic.  There are so many and I love them all.  After much consideration, I decided to go with James Clear and his book “Atomic Habits”.

I am sure many people who read this are familiar with his work.  He is well known for his work with professional athletes and  entrepreneurs – helping them to develop good habits that will lead them to success in their field.

The inspiration for his program originated  from a devastating accident that he suffered on a baseball field when he was in highschool.   In working his way through his lengthy, difficult, and ultimately successful recovery, Clear discovered the remarkable results of building healthy habits. 

The concept in ‘Atomic Habits’ that grabbed my attention was Clears idea that habits are compound interest.   He noted that, if you make it a habit to improve 1% every day, you can improve +35% over the course of the year.   Likewise, if you engage in a poor habit and decline 1% every day, you can decline to virtually zero over the course of a year.     This works for virtually anything in life that you may want to improve on,  or anything that is gradually wearing away at the quality of your life.

Practicing one single good habit every day takes very little effort or determination, but over the course of days or months, it makes a huge difference.  Likewise practicing one single poor habit a day, may not have immediate noticeable results and the results may be easy to ignore from one day to the next, but over the course of days or months – the results will be all too obvious! Stacking good habits on good, or bad habits on bad – makes things incrementally better or worse.     

In his book, and through his program, Clear helps others to focus on their habits and  teaches techniques for developing good habits and breaking bad ones. 

From a young age, I was taught the importance of having goals.  From focusing on my habits – I have learned that my potential is beyond  any goal that I might set for myself – any goal, for improvement to my physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual wellbeing. 

Our habits, big or small, good or bad,  make a  major difference in how our lives play out.  We owe it to ourselves to deal with them – and fortunately I found James Clear to help me deal with mine. 

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞


This came up on my Facebook feed this morning. It has probably been around forever but I do not remember seeing it before. This relates to everything that is wrong with the world today compared to when I was growing up.

Things are never black or white – they weren’t when I was young and they are not now, but generally speaking, we grew up learning to make the best of what we had – as our parents did, and their parents did before them.

Nowadays, people are so often the opposite. If it isn’t perfect, if it isn’t the best – it is worthless. Waste it, destroy it, and throw it away. ‘IT’ is everything – homes, vehicles, food, clothes, people (parents, siblings, partners, friends, anyone). As a society, ‘IT’ is healthcare, roads, education, the environment, natural resources. EVERYTHING. Waste it, destroy it, and throw it away.

And so many people are miserable – struggling with their health – mental, emotional, and physical AND finding themselves with less and less. Still they are demanding more and more – AND ‘the more’ has to be perfect or they waste it, destroy it, and throw it away.

It is an unsustainable obsession that we have these days, this desire for perfection or having only ‘the best’.

It is kind of funny that this came up for me this morning. This week wasn’t going well for me. My lungs are not liking our weather, I am feeling blah and bloated, I put on a couple of the pounds that I have worked so hard to take off. 😢 So, I decided it was time to change directions. I am not giving up on my health and fitness. It is just time to quit moping and start cleaning cupboards and closets, polishing up the Jeep, maybe give my dog a bath. Just make the best of what I have, instead of being so focused on what’s not working for me this week. This post came up at the perfect time to give me the boost I needed to get on with it. 🥰

Feeling grateful for what I have.🤗

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day. 💞🌞