Cats, Crows, and Crazy Pups

Molly and I went for our walk this morning and not to brag or anything, but it was an EPIC fail.

We did not get halfway to the Regent Park before we crossed paths with THREE free range cats.   These beggars are big and cocky.  Before we got back home, we came across two more.  It is not what I need when I am holding onto a pumped up pup who was just looking for a rumble this morning. 

She may look all meek and mild but she was running on all cylinders this morning.

We managed to get through the first park of the day none to worse for wear.   Well except for the potty break.  I don’t know what is worse  – back in the days when Kat would stop to poo three or four times on our walk –  or now with Molly  and having to clean up a pile of sh#t three or four times the size of Kat.   At least Molly likes to do her business close to a garbage can, unlike Kat who preferred to do hers in the middle of a busy intersection as far as possible from a garbage can. 

Anyway… We got through Regent Park and made it across Elphinstone to Patricia Park.

Patricia Park looked fairly quiet.  It was not!  The trees were filled with CROWS. 

I have no idea where all the crows have come from this year but Molly is on a mission to send them back there.   We somehow managed to make it through Patricia Park, across the bridge and around Pony Park, and back to Elphinstone.  It wasn’t fun but it was relatively quick. 

Back on our side of Elphinstone, we headed for the ball diamonds.  We almost made it around the first one before Molly had some kind of meltdown.  She grabbed the leash in her mouth and tried running around my legs.   Not only did she take me down with her but she tangled us up enough that there was no elegant recovery from this one.  We make it back to our feet none the worse for wear, but the grounds keeper dude on his little tractor on the other side of the fence took in the entire spectacle.

Four or five ball diamonds later, and a relatively uneventful stroll across a field and and our little street and we made it back home.    As soon as Molly was off her leash, she made a mad dash for her pool, tore around the yard a couple of times, sped through the house and dove into her kennel, where she has been sleeping ever since.

They are so cute when they are sleeping. πŸ™„

Meanwhile, I had my breakfast, relaxed for a bit, and did my workout.  With any luck at all Molly will take it easy for the rest of the day and I will get something done this afternoon.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’ž


18 thoughts on “Cats, Crows, and Crazy Pups

  1. Oh, dear! That sounds like a rough one, although the story as written was amusing. I am so over big dogs these days–if I ever get another one, it will be a purse dog!

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  2. It was rough, but the worse they are the more pumped I am to get home in one piece. Yay! I wouldn’t mind a purse dog but Dan has a couple of more years of shift work to go and Kat didn’t really cut it as a guard dog.

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  3. I do miss my German Shepherd. I always felt very secure with him inside. Steffi and Abby will bark at any sound so they are good at alerting, but I doubt they would do any ‘guarding.’

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  4. Not only when they sleep… a young puppy has to discover a lot, that inclused cats an crows…. Problably she was interested to play with them but once she knows that birds fly off when she comes close, she will lose interest. An other thing to learn is that cats crawl… and that can hurt…. Be sure, Molly will learn soon. She just has to get the opportunity and that is not so evident in a public park probably with a lot of trafic nearby.

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  5. Thank you! Molly doesn’t seem bothered by the little birds in our yard but she does go off on the crows. I am always scared that a cat could move fast enough to slash a pup – especially a pups eyes if they get too close. I don’t know if they actually would but I don’t trust them. Our parks are fairly quiet as far as traffic goes. It’s all residential streets and the paths are surrounded by open areas and trees. I keep Molly off the sidewalks on the busier streets around here just because there is so much litter and she picks it up. Who knows what she could get hold of. I pulled a plastic disposable shaver out of her mouth one day.

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  6. Crows!? It’s like The Birds! Must have been in the air bc we encountered a leashless puppy who just wanted nothing more than to play with Chester! Luckily no feuding, and it ran off. Never a dull moment!

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  7. Angry cats will make it clear that they don’t appreciate Molly’s presence. They blow and arch the back. Usually they sell a good slap on the nose of an approaching dog. Such an acquaintance is usually clear for the rest of their lives…. On the other hand, there are cats and dogs who are great friends πŸ™‚


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