Our Girl Molly

It seems like it has been a while since my last Molly update, and since she is coming up on her six months birthdate, this seemed as good a time as ever.

The big news this week is that I got and started using Molly’s new training harness for our walks. 

The face piece attaches to a collar and both pieces attach to her regular collar. 

I did not like the idea of using anything that looked like a muzzle but it seems okay.  We have only used it twice.  She seems to be getting used to it and forgets she has it on at times.   I have been using the clicker and giving her lots of treats to keep her motivated.  It does seem to help a lot as far as keeping her at a manageable pace and walking nicely.  It doesn’t really help her avoid distractions like barking dogs or free range cats, but mostly she just sits down and refuses to budge when we encounter anything that grabs her attention.   We will see how it goes!

Molly has found her voice but I don’t find it that much of an issue.Β  Her bark is really low-pitched and she doesn’t go on and on – or even use it all that often.Β  In our yard she is fairly laid back.

She LOVES company and was in her glory when granddaughter Genie came by on Tuesday morning and then came back yesterday morning – with her fiance Alec.

Alec was trying to pose Molly.
While Genie was losing it.
Nailed it!

It is funny how dogs come into our lives with perfect timing.

Casey πŸ’ž

Casey was the first dog that Dan and I adopted together. She was so beautiful, so smart, and so empathetic. She was the perfect dog for us at a time when my aging Mother spent a lot of time with us and when we had young grandchildren here on a regular basis. She was the most devoted care giver and protector – to Mom, our grandbabies, and to our little blind cat, Suzie.


With Casey aging, we brought home Kat. She was never as responsible or serious as Casey but she made an adorable companion for our growing grandchildren, a great walking partner for me at a time when I was struggling with health issues, and a perfect travelling companion for Dan and I. She was such a sweet little dog.


After losing our little Kat so suddenly and tragically from congenital heart failure this spring, I was not anxious to have another dog in the house. I didn’t know if I would ever be ready to take on another such loss after Casey and Kat. Then… Dan suggested I needed the companionship and security when he was at work. I started poking around the want ads looking for a midsize dog – nothing as ‘vulnerable’ as Kat was. Just a good healthy dog.

I saw an ad for Molly and she just seemed right. She was destined to be MUCH bigger than Dan had in mind but I had been looking at sheep dogs for a long time and they have a reputation for being good, solid, easy going dogs. And Molly was so cute!

So Molly it was, and at a time when my priority is my health and fitness Molly is perfect. She is my inspiration to get up every morning, get active, and keep active. She is the epitome of affection and entertainment. She is a bit of a challenge at times but she fits our current lifestyle amazingly well. I look forward to many years ahead with her and seeing how far we can go together. The potential is unfathomable. 😊

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


25 thoughts on “Our Girl Molly

  1. Lovely photos, AnneMarie! Molly is growing so fast, I am glad that she is a perfect fit for your lives right now. (I still can’t use the Like button, and can’t even comment on some blogs. WP is sick.)

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  2. I have heard about a number of Pyrenees who were great dogs. Even now we tell Molly is so smart and shows a lot of traits that have been bred into these dogs. Her mother is a working sheep dog.

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  3. Your welcome and very lucky! I just tried to comment on a blog post, had to enter my name and all that stuff below the comment form. Did that, and, my comment would not post! Then, I had to re-log into my own blog, that must be the sixth time today. WP has some major problems!

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  4. My brother-in-law has a very large (42kg) strong Labrador, (Syd). He uses a no-pull harness and that works really well.
    Although if Syd doesn’t want to go anywhere and sits down it can be interesting.

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  5. That is cool. I don’t know anyone else who has tried one but I want to make sure Molly and I are safe on our walks. The sitting is a hard one. I get Molly’s attention with a clicker and bribe her with treats. It concerns me more when Molly starts trying to get out of her harness (she hasn’t so far) or jump up on me, or cross walk in front of me. I am sure learning to be alert on our walks. 😊

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