Week 25 -More Challenges

I have been working out and getting fit for twenty five weeks now. I started out in February hoping that if I put a bit of effort into it that, by spring (in Saskatchewan), I would feel a bit better, breathe a bit easier, and have a bit more strength and stamina. I can’t believe how that bit of effort has paid off.

This morning, like every morning Monday to through Saturday, I got up, washed down my B12, Vitamin D, and Lutein with half a cup of coffee and did my Advair inhaler for my asthma. This was followed by my breakfast, which this morning was a bowl of cereal. Next, I spent half an hour organizing Molly’s walking kit and getting her into her harness and myself into my sneakers and jacket. Then we headed out for a 1.5 mile walk. (That is not a record for us, but I do not want to push Molly too hard until she is used to her new training harness.)

We got home, Molly got her good girl treat and I took my Spiriva inhaler for my COPD and my bronchiectasis and followed that up with six ounces of beet juice. (Which I make a litre at a time from Salus Beetroot Crystals, the juice of one lemon and one teaspoon of ginger, plus filtered water). After a short rest, I did my favourite You Tube exercise video.

Now I am ready to move on with my day, being better, stronger and breathing easier than I ever have. The benefits of that bit of effort never cease to amaze me.

But, like everything else in my life, I have my challenges working out and getting fit.

This weekend I took Molly across the street to the ball diamonds to work with her and her new harness and I got attacked by mosquitoes – lots of mosquitoes! I was wearing yoga pants and the beggars bit right through them. My legs are covered with bites. I could not sleep on Saturday night so I took an antihistamine hoping that would ease the burning and itching, since nothing else had. The antihistamine did nothing for the bites but it did make me groggy and fogheaded, and feeling weak all day Sunday. I was able to get out for a short walk with Molly but the rest of the day was a write off. Last night, I went to make supper and found that I had wrenched something in my left arm (somehow?) and I could not lift a small pot of noodles to serve them out. My arm and back muscles are stronger than they have ever been, but one little tweak and it was gone. Rediculous! And so unfair! Life should not be so challenging when one is really trying to make it better!

Except… I need challenges – I need physical and mental and emotional and spiritual challenges. It is the challenges that make me better and stronger. If my fitness journey was too easy, I would start slacking off, going through the motions, until I drifted back to my old ways. Inevitably I would be back in my rocking chair, wrapped in a blanket and feeling weak and miserable.

So… Bring it on life. Bring the benefits and the challenges because while the benefits are a nice incentive, it is the challenges that really push me further and higher than I could possibly imagine.

PS – I finally came across a bit of advice from The Farmer’s Almanac that soothed my mosquito bites. Wet an antacid tablet (like Tums or Rolaids) and rub it on the bites. I have no idea who first thought “Let’s try this!” but it works. As for my arm, Who knows? but no noodles for supper tonight. They would be wierd on Taco Salad anyway.

Mmmm – Taco Salad

That is it for today and for this week’s fitness update. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


24 thoughts on “Week 25 -More Challenges

  1. That taco salad looks so delicious! I really admire your drive and determination to continue your workouts, AnneMarie! I keep a tube of Cortizone 10 in the drawer for those nasty itches. I hope that Molly will adjust to the new harness. Happy Monday!

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  2. I hope you are feeling better Jackie. My hernia bothered me every time I moved. I can’t imagine dealing with one and your intestinal issue. I hope you can get through the entire process quickly. πŸ’ž

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  3. Thanks so much Anne! It’s really bothering me and I’m on the couch just chilling now and feel good. You are right, every move hurts. Luckily they got me in for the cat scan Thursday and looking forward to some answers after. ❀️ Hope you and Molly are having a good night!

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  4. I would start slacking off, going through the motions, until I drifted back to my old ways. Inevitably I would be back in my rocking chair, wrapped in a blanket and feeling weak and miserable.

    This is where I’m at, Girl. I haven’t been to the gym in two days; and I’m starting to feel like it just isn’t worth it. Thank you for reminding me that that in itself is a challenge… and I need to face it head-on, rather than surrender. Much love! πŸ₯°

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  5. I don’t why knowing that doesn’t always translate into feeling it.

    There’s some kind of stupid disconnect in my weirdly wired brain that separates knowing from feeling. So I just need to get off my duff today… and I thank you for making that more apparent, Ms. Anne Marie! 😏

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  6. Maybe if you are not feeling the gym right now you could try something else for a bit. There are lots of exercise and dance and Zumba things on YouTube that you can do right at home (and they don’t take a lot of space) . It took me 67 years to find a program that worked for me so don’t beat yourself up. Just don’t give up and it will happen for you. (And your brain will switch to your team at some point). πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°

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