It is Sunday morning and a beautiful day to be alive! Being a Sunday, it is a rest from my more strenuous activities, but Molly and I began the day with another good walk. We only had one encounter, with a biker passing through the neighbourhood, but he did stop for a chat and the opportunity to give Molly a good petting – without being jumped on! πŸ‘ We made 2.5 km before Molly was ready to get back home, take a splash in her pool, have a Sunday snack, and an extended nap.

Ready to relax…

Being Sunday, it was time for another check-in by our Genie. She is settled back into her bunk and behind her Guest Services desk at the CNE (sporting a new haircut for the occasion). She is enjoying working with her three local co-workers, who all seem to be quite a bit her senior. I think she is ready for a bit of homey-ness parenting/grandparenting type company. Her first impressions of Toronto, the CNE, and her immediate surroundings? HUGE !

She hasn’t had time to take many photos yet but she did manage to pass on a few for me to share.

They made it!
Driving through the city
Her ‘art’ attack for the day.

I am pretty sure these next three photos were taken for her brother Rory. This is one massive gaming room.

Fireworks over the midway
I’m not sure if she was sending proof that she IS eating or just that she really misses her kitchen and home cooking.

That is all I have for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


13 thoughts on “Toronto

  1. I can’t believe mollys long legs! We are fairly close to Toronto and have visited often. I have the family reputation for getting lost every single time I’ve driven through there!

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  2. Yea.. I missed that one. πŸ˜‚ I can’t imagine how they went from Saskatoon to Toronto without a garbage can in that car. Genie has a waste basket plus a spare for wet wipes, paper towels, masks, hand sanitizer … plus anything else one could possibly need in her car here. 😊

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  3. Dan and I got lost going from Toronto to Burleigh Falls (Peterborough area). Our GPS went on the fritz. I tore our vehicle apart looking for a map only to realize I had no idea where we were. πŸ˜‚. We got there eventually. I am sure there are nights when Molly goes to bed and grows another six inches – with tall or long.


  4. Thank you, Suzanne! It has been challenging for Genie to keep eating well. She has lost a weight because she is used to a healthier diet than is readily available on the exhibition circuit. She was living on cereal, salad, and chilli for a while there. 😯


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