Genie’s Travels Through Ontario

It is another beautiful summer day here in Saskatchewan. Molly and I went for our morning walk and it was pretty decent. We didn’t go far but Molly (and I) got in some prime socializing so it was definitely a win. We met a young man with a two year old pup, an older man, and two women we see regularly on our route. Molly played nicely with the pup for a few minutes and she was very good with all of the people. She didn’t jump up on anyone 🌟 she was very polite and affectionate when people petted her 🌟 AND she sat quietly beside me while I would chat with them🌟.

Who’s the good girl?

Our granddaughter Genie, who has been working Guest Services with North American Midway this summer, drove from Saskatoon to Toronto this week. She alternated driving with her friend Chelsea and they were joined by a couple of other young girls who work with them. They are now at the CNE exhibition which opened yesterday.

Being the sweetheart that she is, Genie has been sending me some photos to share. These ones are all from their drive through Ontario.

Google translated as “report driving with affable faculties made on 911”. I think I lost something in the translation – It should probably mean “Call 911 to report drunk driving”. πŸ™„
Flying saucer over roadside lake. πŸ˜‚
Watch for snowmobiles crossing – and charming horse drawn buggies!

They were fortunate enough to have a good trip, miss any bad weather, and experience a whole lot of gorgeous scenery. Genie sent me a short video that she shot as well but for some reason I cannot save it to my phone in order to share it. It showed some beautiful sights, and from the soundtrack, it would be safe to say the girls were having a good time singing along with the radio and enjoying the views. All in all a pretty amazing experience for Genie and her co-workers!

The girls came by way of Regina to take the TransCanada. 2900 km (1800miles) from Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening. I would love to make the trip one day but I am pretty sure one overnight stop would not do it for me.

Genie is in Toronto until moving on to the exhibition in London, Ontario beginning September 9th, then flying home on the 20th. I am sure I will have more photos to share before she is done her wandering ways.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸ€—


12 thoughts on “Genie’s Travels Through Ontario

  1. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photographs of the trip! I loved the flying saucer–was that just a cloud formation, or a smear on the window? LOL It is amazing how it really looks like a UFO. My goodness, Molly sitting on you looks like it might be a tad heavy, but great news on her behavior today. Sounds like things are beginning to click for her–no pun intended. πŸ™‚

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  2. The ‘flying saucer’ was a reflection of Genie’s lunch plate on the dash. I got about six photos like that and asked her if we were being invaded. She said no, they just hadn’t found a garbage can yet.

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  3. The scenery is beautiful in all the photos thank you Anne for sharing them. Molly is a good girl. I wonder how much longer she will fit in your lap. lol

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