Eight Months Old

I am running a couple of days behind here. Molly turned eight months old on Sunday. She can still be a handful but in some ways she is calming down a little.

Molly enjoying a peaceful nap after emptying three (large) flower pots on the sidewalk this morning.
Molly changing up from flower pots to pails.
She loves this one because she can carry it around by the handle. Dan hung it on the fence out of her reach because that’s just wrong. 🙄💩

Molly’s favourite human (Genie) came over yesterday. We went for a walk around the big block to Regent Park and spent some time in the dogpark. Genie took a few photos while we were there.

Stopped so fast she lost a leg! 😳
Strutting her stuff…
Having a rest with Bouey.
Giving Genie some close up love and attention. 💞
She could be impersonating a bunny? 😂
Ready to head back home.
Back home and enjoying a fresh pail of water – before she dumped it. I love the water droplets from her wet muzzle. 👍

This Friday, Dan and I are taking Molly to a dog wash station in a pet store close to us and in a couple of weeks she is booked to be spayed. Both should be an experience for her – and us.

That’s it for today! I should be back tomorrow for my fitness update. (Which I try to get done on Mondays, but what can I say? Our days are getting shorter so I am falling further behind. 😯)

Take care and have a beautiful day! 💞🌞


23 thoughts on “Eight Months Old

  1. Molly is looking great and I love all the photos of her. I am sorry but her with the flower pots and pails made me laugh. My Chancy loved flower pots and chewed some up when he was a puppy. Wishing all the best with the bath and spaying.

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