Week 34 – Weekly Update

Thirty four weeks (or a solid EIGHT months) in and I am still on track and enthusiastic about my health and fitness journey. 🀸

For sure, some weeks have been better than others, and this last week has not been one of the better ones. After getting bit by a bug last weekend, and celebrating a quick recovery, I have struggled to feel really GOOD – or as good as I did before I got bit.

I am not sick – I am just not GOOD. My lungs feel congested, I am tired, stiff, and chilled. I am just a little achy, breaky, sluggish.

I have been getting out and about with Molly every day. Dan came with us a couple of times and granddaughter Genie joined Molly and I one day. Molly had two or three good runs at the dog park, plus we had some decent walks.

But, I have felt a bit like Molly looks. πŸ˜‚

I have also been doing my dancing or Zumba and I have been meditating. I didn’t ace my weights every nights. That was my biggest struggle, so I decided to repeat my nine sets of ten reps of four lifts for this week. The last thing I want to do is hurt myself but pushing too hard when my body is not up for it! I have also been getting some good nights sleep and I have been focussing on fixing healthier meals. Dan and I made some real chicken broth last weekend, which we used to make an amazing pot of chicken soup.

Chicken Soup
And we had some Baked French Onion soup!

I also kept up with regular housekeeping chores, laundry, dishes, and made the most of our milder temps this week by getting some (quite a bit) of yard clean-up done.

And… I ordered a new winter coat. πŸ₯³ I do have a decent Denver Hayes winter coat that I bought a couple of years ago. It is nice and warm, BUT it has two tiny useless pockets that I do not trust to hold my cellphone and keys. They certainly will not accommodate – Molly’s tennis ball, dog treats, poo bags, tissues, my Ventolin inhaler, my cellphone, and my keys! So, I ordered a new winter coat. With boots and toque and gloves and scarf, I will be ready to get out and about with Molly when our winter hits. πŸ‚

That’s it for this week’s update. My weights went great last night so I’m looking forward to a better rest of this week and a really inspiring update as I head into the next. πŸ’ͺ

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž

I have also been busy keeping the squirrels, bluejays, sparrows, and finches in peanuts and sunflower seeds as they prepare for another Saskatchewan winter. 😁


24 thoughts on “Week 34 – Weekly Update

  1. I hope that you begin feeling really good soon, Anne Marie! Your chicken soup and cuppa soups look so delicious! Can I have your chicken soup recipe? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. I am sorry you have been draggy–me too this week for some reason. But, sounds like you are on the mend. That French Onion soup sounds wonderful–I have not had any in years! I love the squirrel perched on the basket! And wow, 8 months–awesome.

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  3. Hope you start feeling great again soon Anne Marie. My daughter and a friend both suffer with asthma and I can count on one hand how many years during the late fall that both haven’t had a serious problem with their asthma. Your soups look great (I made chicken soup last night). Hang in there my friend…

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