Crash & Burn

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I have not been feeling my best for the past few days. It didn’t seem that serious. I was coughing, tired, achy, chilly, and the like. It was nothing worth bothering our thinly stretched doctors about. Since my symptoms did not seem that worrisome, I have just been plugging along – working out, eating well, and keeping things in order around here.

At least I was until yesterday… Yesterday I was feeling fine when I got up and planned my day. I had a breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast. I wrote my blog. When I got up to do my workout, I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt tired and weak. I remembered that I am retired, so in a position to treat myself to a short nap before I worked out. Two hours later, I woke up and the house was spinning. REALLY SPINNING! I decided that I should make my way to my phone on the kitchen table. Maybe I would call Dan, maybe I would call the health clinic. I had no plan. I slid off the bed and carefully made my way to the kitchen, one piece of furniture to the next. I reached my phone and called Dan. He said he would be home soon. Since he still had several hours of his shift left, I thought it would be rather longer than soon. My next mission was to battle my dizziness and ever-worsening nausea to let Molly outside. Mission complete, but by the time I got back to the kitchen, my nausea had progressed to vomiting into the nearest wastebasket. This magnificent turn of events lasted until Dan got home a few minutes later (by which time, I was laying on the bathroom floor – my world was still spinning, and I was still vomiting). Dan helped me to the sofa and got me a glass of 7-up (which Molly knocked under the sofa at some point). I gradually felt better until I decided to call it a day and head back to bed. Dan helped me to check my blood pressure, which was considerably lower than usual. That was strange and had me rather concerned but not overly, as I was feeling much better than I had been.

After a difficult night, I got up this morning feeling fairly decent. I remembered my maternal grandmother having ‘spells’ and my mother suffering from ‘fainting spells’ every time she had a flu or significant illness. Maybe these episodes are relatively common in our family. I don’t know, but as long as I do not have a repeat, I am not going to dwell on it.

Today, I am taking another easy day. Tomorrow I hope to be back to my routine of working out, lifting weights, and walking Molly.

She seems to be getting bored. πŸ™„

Have a great day! Hope you are well and keeping so. πŸ’žπŸŒž


33 thoughts on “Crash & Burn

  1. Wow, Anne Marie! I am so glad that you are feeling better, that was very scary for you! Do take it very easy if you can, please. ☺️ I would be very unhappy if my dog destroyed pillows and furniture around my place.

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  2. She is calming down all of the time. Hopefully she will be out of this phase soon. Our last dog was a little Cavalier and she was worse as a puppy for unstuffing every toy and pillow she could reach. Fortunately, her reach wasn’t quite as far as Molly’s but she did destroy an armchair when Dan and I were at work one day.

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  3. So sorry Anne that you had a time of not feeling so well. Sweet Molly sure is doing it up big time in the latter part of her puppy stage. Keep feeling better and I hope you are back 100% very soon. Hugs

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  4. Thank you, Mags! That she is (although apparently big dogs are puppies until they are 18-24mos). But between her moments, she is settling down way better these days. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 😁

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  5. They make me nervous especially when Dan is working. He has long shifts and there are times when I cannot get a hold of him because there is no one in the offices to take a call and he can’t always hear his cell.

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