Week 35 – I’m Back!

After a week or so of questionable health issues, I have finally shaken off whatever was bothering me. The timing could not be better as yesterday we had our first blast of Saskatchewan winter. It was wet. It was windy. Fortunately, it was not terribly cold, with the temperature hovering at about the freezing point.

It was a perfect day to get out and practice some serious snow removal and to watch Molly zig, zag, and zoom through her first snow of the year. Unlike our little Kat who was not a fan of the white stuff, Molly loves the snow. She loves to slide around on our icy patios. ANDShe loves to race into the house soaking wet and grinning ear to ear from her adventure.

As for my thirty five week update – I am back to my full workout, my meditation, and my weights (starting with the nine sets – again!). I didn’t walk Molly yesterday and today may be the same. We did get lots of outdoor exercise yesterday and there is more snow to move today, as it snowed off and on during the night. I am not sure how icy the streets and sidewalks to the park are, so we will have to see before I decide on a walk. By tomorrow, it should be safe enough, as we are due to see some sun and warmer temperatures that should clean things up to a safe level.

Genie and I did take Molly for a walk a few days ago, and for a run in the park. Genie put together a short video of our outing. It is a first effort, but she did catch a few of Molly’s runs!

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!๐Ÿ’žโ˜ƒ๏ธ


46 thoughts on “Week 35 – I’m Back!

  1. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I saw that it was snowing in the middle of the continent. We got a spell of warm weather, just as Charlie had put in the storm windows. So we slept hot, not our favorite.

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  2. I am glad you are back up to speed again! The snow on the tree is really pretty, but snow and “near freezing” sounds terribly cold to me! I laughed all the way through the video–it was cute, and the red duct taped baseball? I would never have thought of that. Ya’ll stay safe out there in that snowy wonderland.

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  3. Thank you, Sue. I guess that’s how the carnies make the balls for the ‘break the plate’ game on the midway. They left one behind at their last stop in Canada, so Genie brought it home for Molly.

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  4. I sure am glad to hear you have shaken off whatever had come on you and you are feeling better. I really enjoyed the video of Molly. Stay warm and well. โค

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  5. When I gave my boss notice that I was retiring I, started a blog journaling my way from employment to retirement. I named it ‘retirement101withAnneMarie’. Something went awry with WordPress and they gave me the web address ‘seclusion101withAnneMarie’. I was swamped clearing things up at work so just left it and figured I would deal with it once I retired – except by then Covid hit and I was pretty much living in seclusion so I just left it. Now I use it mostly to report on my fitness journey that I started in February (and am rocking btw), to show off my Pyrenees pup Molly, and this summer I followed my granddaughter Genie across Canada working for North American Midway company.
    I checked out your blog. It looks interesting. I will be back to read more.

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