Eleven and a Half Weeks

I am a little late on my fitness report but I have not slacked off on getting FIT. I am just behind on my report this week.

My dancersizing is still helping me to get into shape. I went for a lung x-ray on Tuesday and while I have not seen my doctor yet, I have seen the report. The permanent damage to my lungs is still there BUT there are no new issues so that is great! If I can stay where I am and keep my asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis under control, I can avoid having to use oxygen so that is huge motivation to get and keep in shape. My weight loss is still slow but the fitter and more active I get, the sooner that will improve. I did wear a pair of jeans this morning that haven’t fit for a year, so YAY progress. 🤗. I also carried a heavy bag of yard waste to the back gate this week. Dan was impressed that I was able to lift it, much less carry it that far. 💪😉

Working out is rather more challenging some (most) days, with Molly growing bigger and getting more active every day. When she stops running between my legs (which is challenging enough) she generally takes a nap in my workout space or starts doing something that requires intervention.

Playing ball outside with Molly this morning.
Can’t see her ball because TO HER “Bring the ball, Molly” means “Go hide the ball in the bushes so I have to crawl around to find it, Molly.”

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 👍

Molly Met The Vet

Just Molly 💞

I took Molly in for her Parvo vaccine and initial puppy checkup yesterday.   I was a bit concerned about driving there alone because I had no idea how she would be in the Jeep, so asked granddaughter Genie if she had time to come with us.   Fortunately she obliged!

First off, Molly was quite happy to have her first visitor.  She bonded quite easily with Genie – and had her first opportunity to sit on the sofa.  😲

Everything went great.  Molly was fine in the Jeep.  She laid down in the back with her head poking through between the front seats.  Out of the vehicle, she was quite happy to walk nicely beside Genie on her leash.

Molly weighed in at 10 kilograms (22.4 pounds). She let Genie lift her onto the vet’s table and distract her while she got a complete once over (including getting her temperature taken 😳).  Everything checked out fine so she got her vaccine.    The only ‘glitch’ is that because of the high risk of Parvo right now, she cannot go out of our yard until she has had the next two booster shots. (8 weeks I think).   It isn’t a big deal now, but I was hoping to have her totally used to taking walks around the neighborhood before she got much bigger. At least we have a big yard to practice in.

We came back home.  Molly and Genie played and cuddled until Dan came home – because Genie can’t leave without seeing Grandpa and getting her obligatory hug. 💞

Today, Molly has been a little under the weather.  She had a bit of ‘intestinal trouble’ this morning, so I gave her a tablespoon of pumpkin which seems to have taken care of things.   She is starting to perk up now.

Did I mention Molly likes to take things that don’t belong to her and chew on them?  She is learning ‘leave it’ and ‘drop it’.  It’s a work in progress.  🙄

That is it for Molly news today.  Take care and have a great rest of the day.

More Molly!

Just a short update today on life with our new pup.

Molly did way better last night!   We went to bed with her at 10, she slept until 3:30, I took her outside for a few minutes, and she went right back to her bed and slept until almost 6 this morning.  Yay Molly!

Her potty training is going well.  She has had two or three piddle accidents in the porch and one in the bedroom.  That is ALL.  Not bad for a puppy with no housetraining prior to coming here.  😊

She still isn’t into walking on a leash, but Dan went and bought her a harness today which helps.  I also watched a You Tube video on leash training and read up on the leash biting issue, so I am ready for another session tomorrow. Gotta love You Tube and Google.

Other than that, Molly is busy chewing on everything and dragging anything she can shake loose (blanket, bath mat, shoes…). Standing on her hind feet she can see, if not reach, anything that gets her attention – and everything gets her attention.

Tomorrow is her first vet checkup and vaccine!  That should be fun.  Everyone in the vet’s office enjoys meeting a new pup. 💝

I think she grew overnight. 🙄

That is it for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day!

Molly Has a Name 🤗

After giving it a decent amount of thought, we decided ‘Molly’ was a fitting name for our new Pyrenees.

Things have been going fairly well. She generally comes when called, seems to know she is Molly, and definitely understands ‘No’.

She is good with her color but hasn’t quite figured out the leash.
But she is working on it!

She didn’t have a great night as she was obviously missing her family. She did stop whining long enough to drag Dan’s belt across the house at one o’clock in the morning – thump, thump, thump. And she finally dozed off for a couple of hours at four! 🙄

She likes being brushed – sitting not so much and she is particularly offended at the concept of ‘stay’. She did do much better during my workout and potty training is progressing fairly well.

All in all, not a bad first full day and we see a lot of potential. 🤗

Molly Taking a Stroll

That is it for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day!

New Beginnings…

We have added a new member to our little family. She is a Pyrenees sheep dog. I have been wanting an Old English Sheep Dog but they are hard to come by in these parts. Maybe they are not up to dealing with our weather. 🤷

She was very good this morning, despite separation anxiety from her Mom, siblings, and human family. She is not house trained but does her business when I take her outside. She has not been trained at all (she is barely nine weeks old) but is obviously highly intelligent, understands what I want her to do, and ignores me when she has other plans.

She loves to play outside, nap when she is inside, and she ate her lunch with no hesitation. 👍

The only downside so far was when I did my dance workout. She likes to chew on things and apparently when I dance, I am her everything. It was hard to concentrate with a twenty pound pup chewing on my toes, ankles, knees, and butt. When that didn’t get her anywhere, she decided to howl – louder than the music I might add. Finally, she got bored and decided to drag her blanket from one end of the house to the other. It was too adorable but awkward when she would go between my legs. Now that my workout is done, she is exhausted, so sound asleep in the middle of the livingroom floor.

Her ‘pillow’ was Kat’s bed. 😳

That is it for my big news of the day! Take care a have a great day!

(Ps – She doesn’t have a name yet. We are still debating. 🙄)