August 10th – It’s Raining Again 🎶

After a hot dry spell, we had a beautiful, refreshing little rain last night. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rain coming down!
This rain barrel is full and our big tank on the other side of the garage is looking good too!
I won’t have to water the garden today and rain is so much better for it than city water!
Everything looks cleaner and brighter – even the rocks around the pond.
We didn’t get the front lawn fertilized but Dan got it mowed before the rain.
It will be cool enough to get up and clean the playhouse today. That will be nice for Dom when I have him next week. 🤗

I do appreciate the nice, refreshing rain but that is not all we have to be grateful for today! Dan got approved for time off so we will be attending son Dan’s wedding reception! Three days to celebrate Dan & Amanda and their beautiful (official) family. 💞

Pandemic internet wedding December 31st, 2020. It wasn’t the in-person experience but beautiful all the same! (As lovely as their wedding was, the reception will not be held in their basement 😂)

That’s it for today and that is plenty to be grateful for! 🥳

Have a beautiful day and see you tomorrow. 💞

It is not the joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful.

– David Steindl-Rast