Daily Routine

Another day of not accomplishing a whole lot.  I had my coffee, read my news, walked my dog, did dishes (where do they keep coming from?), did some housecleaning, fed the squirrels and birds, fed Kat (twice), killed fourteen bugs and did a bit of yardwork.    And, it is time to make supper. Where does my time go?

When I worked, I thought that the best thing about retirement would be having time to complete the ‘bigger’ home projects.  Now I feel like I am living the sequel to “Groundhog Day”.

Is this what retirement is supposed to be like?  I really thought it would be more productive. I used to be productive when I worked. There was always more work than hours in a day, but I always got it done!

I am thinking I should start making a to do list again every morning to get back on track. Or maybe that would be contrary to what retirement is meant to be?

Life in the retirement lane👵


22 thoughts on “Daily Routine

  1. I make a to -do list in a notebook. No particular order,everything may not be done that day.I also remind myself totake out something for dinner(to thaw) The days are like that. A million plans and saggy gumption. I keep at it anyway. Got some stuff rearranged. Still need to move myself more. Good for the brain.
    P.S. I re-did my blog. Its called -2 cents worth. Address is thecherylbarron.wordpress.com. Everytime I change my blog the address is changed.wierd

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  2. The time seems to fly by for me if I am productive or just being lazy. If I made a to do list I would lose it. lol I seem to do better in retirement operating in “spur of the moment” mode. You killed more bugs than I did…only one for me so I think you were quite productive. lol Enjoy your day!

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  3. Our bugs are all trying to hibernate these days. Good times🙄. I have a whiteboard on my fridge for a shopping list – we just take a picture of it if we are going out. Maybe I need another one for my to do list. I wouldn’t lose it and maybe I would stay out of the fridge😂

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  4. I don’t know how long you have been retired, for me it’s now 10 years, and they have been the fastest 10 years of my life. I am astounded at how fast the days pass as that was not the case when I was working, whether in the private sector or teaching high school. Friday took forever to come!

    One thing I do to keep track of the days is sort of like the way you began this post, by listing the things that were done during the day, even the mundane. During the pandemic I have filled five journals with my writing. It’s part of what’s keeping me sane during these insane days.

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  5. My blog has kind of been my journal. I was supposed to retire at the end of July but I took time off at the end of March to see how things went with this Covid situation and I never went back😊. I used to live for Fridays to come too – at least for the past couple off years. Before that I loved my job as a commercial products sales and project administrator.


  6. I have 2 posts-one “about me”& “Trains” Try looking under cherylbarron58.wordpress.com or the cherylbarron58.wordpress.com I’m going to have to send a message to wordpress. I also am checking settings. Let me know if you find me😂

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  7. The new one has -the -in front of my name. They change names on my app everytime I change the blog. Way back I was ccbarr!


  8. I’m famous for my lists. I make them for everything! Don’t always complete every one though. Except for grocery lists which I just keep adding to until I go to the store, I start a new list each Sunday and name it, a week in the life. Maybe washing windows, baking pumpkin bread, laundry, writing out a few cards, paying bills. It is satisfying to check things off. If I miss something, I usually add it the next Sunday. I am persistent. (My family however is not as fond of my therapeutic lists as I am)…

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  9. Maybe a weekly list would be the way to go for me. I do not want to be too regimental in retirement but I don’t want to fritter away all of my time either! Thank you for the great idea.👍


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