Chronic Illness

I have gone from having asthma and occasional bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia to having full-blown chronic issues with my lungs.  I have joined the millions who have COPD and those who have bronchiectasis  (there may be millions of us as well – we just do not talk about it because we cannot pronounce it?).

Having chronic lung issues is miserable – as is having any chronic issue no doubt.  One is always ‘sick’ to some degree but there is no cure and no serious relief. Too soon, you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. 🥺

The real kick in the pants is that no health issue, chronic or otherwise, can just stay in one body part.  Other body parts have to kick things up in a show of solidarity with the sickly part of you. With my lung issues, the sympathizer has been my sinuses.  Seriously – I struggle to breathe and my nose is permanently, continuously plugged. 🤦

Blocked sinuses do not sound so bad, but they are.   You resort to mouth breathing – your throat is always dry, you can’t eat without choking, and you get hiccups (WAY too often 😳).  You cannot sleep with blocked sinuses because you wake up gasping for air every time you close your mouth.   And finally, the pressure in your sinuses builds up to the point where your eyes, ears and brain jump in with their own sympathy pains.  🤬

Modern science has provided us with many means to deal with blocked sinuses.  There are a variety of vaporizers on the market (all of which annoy and agitate my asthma).  There are numerous OTC nasal sprays (which are basically useless).  There are prescription nasal sprays which are extremely effective (and cause massive nosebleeds 😐).   Then there is my personal favourite – the Neti Pot.   Pouring warm, treated water through ones sinuses is quite effective and brings about serious relief.  It is also messy, awkward and seriously undignified.  But what the hell – it works. 🥳

My new best friend🌟
Kat is still my best friend – but she is no Neti Pot. 🙂

Have a great day and stay safe (and healthy). Cannot stress the healthy part enough! 💞


18 thoughts on “Chronic Illness

  1. When it rains it pours!
    I get the stuffed nose-actually the nostrals are taking turns. My colds have never lasted for a few days,more like few weeks.
    My sympathy on covid jumping on you too. Prayers for you.
    P.S. you got a stove top like mine too!

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  2. I’m glad the Neti Pot can help you. I tried but it wasn’t for me. We just have to cope with chronic stuff the best we can and find the things that work for us. Give that lovely doggo of yours a gentle hug and stay safe

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  3. Thank you, Betty. Walking (and fresh air) definitely helped but if it is too cold, it is too much for my lungs and with the snow and ice it is just too dangerous in this neighbourhood. It wouldn’t do much good to break my neck. 🙄. Have a good day, Betty🌞

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  4. Oh, you are right! I didn’t think about the weather where you are now. For now, we can still walk outside here most days – not too cold and no snow or ice. But yes, when those things happen, we are inside as well. Enjoy your day as well!

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  5. That is ok! There are people who get out and enjoy our winter weather. I am not one of them. One of my favourite things about being retired now is knowing I do not have to deal with it. 🙂 Enjoy your weather! I will be back enjoying ours in the spring.

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