Covid Saskatchewan

Covid has found Saskatchewan and things are not looking good.  The case numbers are insignificant compared to more populated areas around the globe but our per capita numbers are bad and getting worse.    This should not come as a shock to anyone here.  

People here have a tendency to believe that due to our small population and wide open spaces, we are immune to such things as global pandemics.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. There  is a false sense of security in knowing our co-workers, neighbours, and classmates.    People in Saskatchewan know and trust the people around them. Covid has taken advantage of this lapse and spread through manufacturing plants and mines, schools, penitentiaries, health centres and seniors homes, sports teams, and families. It is here and spreading exponentially.

Our hospitals are filling up and our intensive care units are already over capacity. We must all do our part to stop the spread of Covid. It will be interesting to see if people actually start taking this seriously – wearing masks, following directional arrows, keeping socially distant, following official guidelines for gatherings and the like. From what I have seen so far, I think we are in for a long uphill battle. 🥺

Keep Safe 💖

35 thoughts on “Covid Saskatchewan

  1. People in Arkansas caught it quicker in the country than in the city. We cant go anywhere without masks. Feel like I’m suffocating in them(in air masks for surgerys too,so its me). Keep your beautiful summer pictures handy!

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  2. That is probably typical – and really bad since we are least equipped to deal with it medically. I just read that the military is already coming in to help isolated northern native communities deal. I don’t mind masks except for the glass fogging aspects of them. Oh well I shouldn’t have to go out this week unless it is just to our little Fresh I shop down the street for milk and bread. For sure I need my summer pics to see me through the winter. 😊

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  3. There are a lot of people around here who believe anything their friends share on social media. They think this is one big conspiracy to undermine their ‘rights’. I do not get it either. Take care!

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  4. There are still a lot of people in my area that refuse to wear a mask…the virus is spreading rapidly and the hospitalizations are climbing by the hour. I am finding out way too often that someone I know are that I am related to has the virus. So sad.

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  5. Masks are just the start here! If there are five people in a store, 3 of them are walking against the arrows. We had another big spike in cases this weekend because there was an outbreak at a curling bonspiel 🙄. And the anti-vaxxers are going all out to discredit any vaccine before one even gets approved. Rediculous… I am sorry about your friends and family. I hope they all come through ok. I think a lot of people will suffer long term damage from this.

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  6. I have no proof it was Covid – because it was before testing began but Dan and I got really sick in February and I am still having issues. Dan brought it home from work and he works with guys from all over the world who went home last Christmas and came back sick. Then Evraz was down for two weeks in late January/early February for a ransomeware attack and there were guys flying all over for holidays at international resorts. So I can’t say for sure but definitely a strong possibility. Its enough that I worry about anyone who tests positive now.

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  7. I can sure understand your concern! I went to your Sask Covid website and I can’t find the same kind of information that is on the Alberta site. (Maybe it is there, but not readily available…) Anyway, here in Alberta the average age of death is 82; 66% of deaths are over the age of 80; 87% are over the age of 70; 87% of the deaths had a comorbidity of hypertension; 56% had dementia; 56% had cardio-vascular disease (these are the top three comorbidities). 76% had three or more comorbidities. So, in Alberta (and this seems to be the case in many other places) age and certain health conditions are the primary indicators of who will die (or need ICU or hospital care) from Covid!

    That’s not to say that younger people with certain health conditions aren’t vulnerable of course. I think the takeaway from all this is that those who are feel they are at risk need to take the utmost of caution. Those who care for or who visit at risk populations need to do all the precautionary things when they are around those populations.

    The rest of the population, and rightly so, should be able to get on with earning a living and living their lives, with the slight inconvenience of social distancing in public spaces, masking in high risk indoor public places, and hand washing.

    Our Premier has publicly apologized for the damage that was caused to small business and to the mental and physical health of many vulnerable people during the first lockdown and has promised not to do it that way again. He has also promised that Alberta will not make a Vaccine mandatory (though that will probably be a moot point as mass vaccine availability is a long way off.) I think his reassurance goes a long way towards defusing the fact that a lot of people lost the right to earn a living (and no amount of Gov’t money makes up for that.)

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  8. I think there are similarities and differences between our provinces. For sure we have a more vulnerable populations in Saskatchewan and Alberta was suffering more economically before Covid so that makes a huge difference.

    A lot of those who have died everywhere have been elderly, but it is still a brutal way to go. Plus even with underlying health issues, most of them had their lives cut shorter than they would have been. I am grateful every day that my parents passed away peacefully years ago – with familiar care workers and family at their side.

    I am glad I am not a politician or anyone else who has to deal with this healthier vs economy crisis – especially in a province like Alberta. I have no use for our premier but still would not want his job for anything these days.

    It should be easy to control Covid in provinces like ours but aside from those who refuse to follow a few inconvenient rules and those who put sports and such ahead of lives, and those who are considered essential workers – like people who work in construction, mines and steel plants

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  9. Hit post before I meant to – basically we have a lot of high risk positions in this province where it is virtually impossible to social distance, etc. With our limited population, many of those workers are married to healthcare/long-term workers who are dealing with those who are vulnerable. Two demographics that have way too much crossover at a time like this!


  10. It sounds to me too that it was most likely Covid. I am so sorry that you are still having issues and I hope you will be all well very soon. Hoping that better things come your way…you have had enough going on already.

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  11. Thank you. It just seems odd (especially under the circumstances) that I suddenly had COPD and Bronchiectasis to the point where I had major issues overnight – and they both show up on lung scans. I hope it gets better – it is hard to go from being fully functional to having days at a time when the most challenging thing I do all day is breathe. I am so grateful that this happened now when all I really have to do is take care of myself. I feel for those who have families to take care of or who have to work to survive. It would be brutal.

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  12. I cannot imagine what you have gone through and what you are still having to live with. I too hope very soon you will be all better. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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  13. Obviously, it does get old some days but my biggest thing is that I do not know for sure how this happened. I worry about all the people contracting Covid these days (in case that was what set me off). I think we could be in for a global health crisis that causes issues for generations.

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