Sunday Morning at Wally World

I got up this morning to the realization that we were virtually out of milk. Since I need some to make mashed potatoes for tonight’s shepherds pie, this was obviously a problem. Since Dan is working today, this was obviously my problem. I dislike shopping with a passion, but being the trooper that I am, I decided to take a drive over to our local Walmart.

I made it through the store. I got almost everything on my list, a couple of things that were not on my list, and a couple of skeins of wool and a new crochet hook 🙂. I dodged the customers who were doddering up and down the aisle moving against the directional arrows (rebels 🙄). I waited patiently for the clerks to move their stocking carts out of the way so I could get past them. I skipped aisles I wanted to go down, just to avoid the families who were there with six kids and Great Aunt Mildred (what happened to one shopper per household? 🤔). I even smiled and said “no problem” to the woman who accidentally ran into my cart. All in all, I did fine. I managed to leave the store in a relatively decent frame of mind.

Then I got to the parking lot, found the Jeep, unloaded my cart, and went to leave it in the nearest cart park. That was the final straw. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

There were maybe nine carts in the. cart park. Every one of them was parked pointing in a different direction. An area that should have easily held thirty carts was jamb packed with maybe nine carts. It is +2 celcius today. For December in Saskatchewan, that is balmy. The Walmart parking lot was virtually clear of snow and ice. This cart thing was a situation created totally by shoppers who have just zero respect or regard for other customers or the store clerks who gather the carts and return them to the store. Seriously, I am a frail old lady (ok maybe frail is being a bit dramatic 🤧) but I am oldish and it took me all of a couple of minutes to pull out all of the carts and re-park them in an orderly fashion. It is not rocket science.

The thing is, the people who do that kind of stuff are the ones who stomp and pout through life, whining about how hard it is. Life might not be so hard for any of us if those asshats were not such asshats. But no, they don’t think of that! 🤯

That is my rant for the day. Have a good one. If you have to go shopping, make sure you mask up. If nothing else, there is a certain satisfaction to being able to surreptitiously stick your tongue out at the asshats you may encounter. 😉

No one can tell…


16 thoughts on “Sunday Morning at Wally World

  1. Love your rant! Lazy asshats. Thats what they are. Or in some cases stupid! Like the person I talked to today on the hated trip to the store: “Masks don’t work. We decided that at work. I only wear one to be allowed in the store..” Sigh.. I like my mask (that works!) because I can pull faces behind it thinking “oh so you’re a geneous scientist who just happens to work at a factory, are you?! pfft!” and no one can see it. Some people.. Nice to be home in safety again. Hope you are well too 😉

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  2. I am fine. I just get really frustrated with store asshats. My sixteen (going on seventeen) year old granddaughter is a supervisor at our local Superstore. A lot of her friends have been working there too through these past difficult months. It kills me that so many (not all of course) customers have to make things even harder for them. As I was cleaning up my cart park, there was a young store clerk doing battle in a cart park over one aisle. Like now this is a thing??? The whole mask debate got old for me months ago. 🤦. Have a good one!

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  3. I feel you…and can identify with you. I have not been shopping in sometime but I never went to Walmart or the grocery store that I did not pull out and place carts back properly in the place for them. This is your post and your rant but I just have to share other times I needed to rant…when people leave their cart where it can roll and sometimes hit cars. I have caught a few. Do people really need to be in that much of a hurry? You handle your shopping well in spite of it all.


  4. I hear you. I have seen lots of cars get hit by carts or handicap vehicles that can’t park in their stalls because people left carts there🧐. It doesn’t help the handicapped much if they have to get out of their vehicles to put carts away.

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  5. I don’t know if you remember but I did a rant about those who don’t put the carts away at all but leave them in parking spaces. I agree with you. If you can take the cart to the cart return why not put it in right. That makes less sense than leaving it in the lot.

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